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Whatever Happened To Anna Nardini From Gilmore Girls?

Anna Nardini originally appears on the sixth season of "Gilmore Girls." An old flame of Luke's (Scott Patterson), Anna became pregnant before they broke up. She later gave birth to their daughter, April (Vanessa Marano). Anna knew Luke didn't really want children, choosing to raise April by herself. However, April and Luke both discover the truth when April analyzes DNA from 3 different men Anna dated.

A protective but hip single mom, much like Luke's fiancé Lorelai (Lauren Graham), Anna at first is happy with Luke and April growing closer. However, in Season 7, Anna plans to move to New Mexico with April and wants full custody. This eventually leads to a court battle between Anna and Luke, with Luke being granted partial custody. Anna then disappears from the series after moving to New Mexico with her daughter.

Here's what actress Sherilyn Fenn has been up to since playing Anna on the WB show.

She's been on Twin Peaks: The Return and Shameless

After Fenn's character left "Gilmore Girls," the actress continued to work primarily as a guest star or in recurring roles on cable and network TV. Her IMDb page credits after 2007 includes several one-off appearances on shows like "House," "CSI," and "Titans."

But Fenn has also appeared as recurring characters on various cable dramas over the years as well. She is a bawdy brothel owner on "Magic City," a frustrated FBI agent's wife on "Ray Donovan," and plays Queenie, Frank's ex-girlfriend, on several episodes of "Shameless." Her most recent credits are the film "Losing Addiction" and the short "Enough Sleep."

Yet her most iconic character remains the precocious high schooler Audrey Horne on the cult classic 1990 TV series "Twin Peaks." In 2017, Fenn got to reprise her role as an older, more troubled Audrey on the sequel show, "Twin Peaks: The Return." She also got to perform her famous dance again, though she didn't put pressure on herself to get it right: "I'm not 24, I'm frickin' 52 and I can't do it the same," she told Little White Lies.