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Who Was Criminal Minds' Harry Bring?

The first season of "Criminal Minds: Evolution" ended on February 9, and it has left a whole host of suspenseful, unanswered questions. Luckily, fans already know that there is a "Criminal Minds: Evolution" Season 2 in the works, meaning that, hopefully, all will be answered in time. Season 1 upped the ante significantly by introducing the horrifying challenge of a literal network of serial killers, with the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI pushed to its limits.

Along with these raised stakes, one of the big draws of "Evolution" is its inclusion of so many previous cast members from the first iteration of "Criminal Minds." This includes Joe Mantegna's David Rossi, Aisha Tyler's Dr. Tara Lewis, Kirsten Vangsness' Penelope Garcia, and several others. There is even lingering hope that Matthew Gray Gubler may still return as Spencer Reid; although, he initially didn't return to the series for an understandable reason

There is also another name highlighted at the end of the Season 1 finale. Before the closing credits roll, a title card reads "In Loving Memory of Harry Bring."

Harry Bring was an executive producer on Criminal Minds

Harry Bring -– more often credited as Harry V. Bring -– was a producer who worked on several well-known television shows, including "The X-Files" and "Army Wives." His biggest credit based on numbers, however, was "Criminal Minds." Bring served as either executive producer or co-executive producer on 186 episodes between 2011 and the series' end in 2020. He also worked as an assistant director on such programs as "Melrose Place," "Northern Exposure," and "Max Headroom."

Born in Los Angeles in 1943, both of his parents worked in Hollywood, with his mother Frances Hunt appearing in one feature film in the 1930s and his father acting as a music composer in the 1950s. His brother Bob was also a film editor, who worked on more than twenty projects before his death in 1999. According to a note on Facebook posted by his son Brad Bring, Harry served in the United States Army for a time during his youth and was an avid sports fan.

After fighting cancer for years, Bring died February 16, 2021 — less than a year after "Criminal Minds" ended on CBS. He was 77-years-old. On February 19, one day after his passing was reported by Variety, Paramount+ announced plans to revive the series with "Criminal Minds: Evolution."