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The Flash Trailer Has DC Fans Buzzing Over Barry's Movie Poster Easter Eggs

The latest look at "The Flash" confirms that Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) is pretty much a cinephile.

DC fans who tuned in for Super Bowl LVII on Sunday night were treated to a brand new trailer for Andy Muschietti's speedster flick. The three-minute long trailer is filled to the brim with small, intimate details about DC's upcoming adventure, which is racing its way into cinemas later this summer. While fan chatter is mostly focused on the return of Michael Keaton's Batman, the debut of Sasha Calle's Supergirl, and a quick appearance from Ben Affleck, some DC heads have become obsessed with Barry's movie poster collection.

2 minutes into the trailer, Barry can be seen talking to the other Barry in their childhood bedroom. Eagle-eyed viewers will find posters of two beloved genre films hanging on the wall: Guillermo Del Toro's 2013 sci-fi action flick "Pacific Rim" and Will Smith's 2007 post-apocalyptic drama "I Am Legend." DC fans immediately began buzzing with excitement, taking to social media to share their reactions and thoughts on Barry's taste in movies. "Just watched 'The Flash' trailer and the most exciting thing was seeing a 'Pacific Rim' poster in one frame," tweeted user @mirkskunk. User @Sean_OConnell described Barry as "a man of exquisite tastes" for being a fan of "Pacific Rim."

While it's always great to know that the gospel of "Pacific Rim" and "I Am legend" is continuing to grow, fans have a solid reason as to why Barry's posters are so important.

Barry's movie posters explained

2007's "I Am Legend" features a billboard that can be seen promoting a "Batman & Superman" film. Prior to the debut DC Extended Universe, Warner Bros. was hard at work trying to get a team-up film going. Featuring a poster for the then-in-development film in their 2007 blockbuster seemed like a pretty good idea at the time. In a 2014 interview with Collider, "I Am Legend" director Francis Lawrence revealed that Akiva Goldsman, who helped co-pen the Will Smith film, wrote an early draft for the Batman and Superman flick, only for the project to be stuck in development hell.

Nearly a decade later, DC Studios and Zack Snyder concocted "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," the first film to introduce the Justice League. "Barry has an 'I AM LEGEND' poster in his room. Remember, that film touted a fake 'BATMAN & SUPERMAN' movie billboard prior to Snyder's film existing. Worlds collide, indeed!" shared Twitter user @ErikDavis.

As for the "Pacific Rim," it's unclear if there's any deeper meaning to its conclusion. Maybe Barry will fight his fair share of Kaiju? Or perhaphs it's just a cool nod to one of Warner Bros.' most underrated properties. What's more likely is that the poster is an homage to the man behind the film: Guillermo del Toro. The Oscar-winning creative produced Andy Muschietti's directorial debut "Mama" in 2013, which launched "The Flash" director's career.