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Fans Thought The Air Super Bowl Trailer Was A Shoe Commercial (& Why They're Kinda Right)

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched events in the world every year. With nearly 100 million people watching last year (according to Draft Kings), and this year sure to compete with those numbers, millions of people are seeing movie trailers. They are also seeing the biggest event of the year for the marketing departments of the biggest companies in the world. For decades, the commercials aired during the Super Bowl were just as popular as the game itself.

Sometimes, there is a weird crossover where you don't know if you are watching a trailer for a film or just a commercial. During the third quarter of the big game, fans were treated to a new trailer for the historical biopic from Ben Affleck, "Air." However, while the trailer for the film focused on Matt Damon's character trying to convince Ben Affleck and Jason Bateman to allow rookie Michael Jordan to carry a line with Nike, many fans felt like the trailer was an advertisement for the shoe brand. "Wait, is that a real movie?" @osculanervosa said. @FearlessRiOT felt the same by saying, "So that Jordan shoe movie is a real movie?" While the advertisement was clearly for the film, fans weren't that far off.

It kinda is a shoe commercial

"A shoe is just a shoe," Matt Damon uttered. Viola Davis answers, "Until my son steps into it." The story of how Michael Jordan became the biggest name in shoes in history is perfect for a movie, but it definitely plays double duty. Throughout the entirety of the trailer, and most certainly in the film at large, was shoe after shoe. There is also a clear shot of the legendary "Jumpman" emblem that made Michael "Air" Jordan a mighty brand.

@BabsVan was confused for the whole first half, saying, "I was fully certain for at least half that Ben Affleck Air trailer that it was a funny shoe commercial because it was so on the nose." While we couldn't put a dramatic shoe commercial past any brand for a Super Bowl ad, it displays exactly what the movie will be, a two-hour-long advertisement for Nike and Air Jordans. "The whole time the trailer for that Air Jordan movie was on, I was convinced it was going to turn out to be a commercial for, like, Fidelity Investments or something, but, nope, real movie I guess," @chaddundas tweeted.

While "Air" is made to showcase the amazing story of Michael Jordan's climb from college phenom to NBA legend, and talented athlete to a world-changing spokesman, it will undoubtedly do much more. Don't be surprised to see a massive jump in Air Jordan sales following the release of director Ben Affleck's "Air."