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Dom's Hoover Dam Stunt In The Fast X Super Bowl 2023 Spot Have Fans Losing Their Minds On Twitter

"Fast X," the 10th movie in the "Fast and Furious" franchise, is due out on May 19 — and it looks like it's going to be full of fantastic fun and exaggerated action in the long tradition of the franchise if the trailer released this week and the new one seen tonight during the Super Bowl are any indication. The plot, or as much as we know about it anyway, brings back a villain from Dom's (Vin Diesel) past in the form of Jason Momoa, who targets Dom's family. 

The trailer shows fights, collisions, car and motorbike stunts and plenty of high-octane action in various international backdrops, including the Colosseum in Rome. One of the teasers fans haven't seen until tonight is a stunning scene in which Dom drives his car over a bridge and down a large dam, with flames from an explosion chasing him down its arched wall (the scene was apparently filmed at the Cabril Dam, according to The Goa Spotlight, which is one of the largest dams in Portugal with a height of 433 feet). 

While it's unclear where the scene is in the movie and the exact context, this could be one of the more impressive sights in "Fast 10." And fans seem pretty excited about the prospect.

Twitter fans are getting excited about the ridiculousness of it all

Over on Twitter, fans couldn't help but react pretty much instantly to the sight of Dom taking a car down the dam. Some tweets simply consisted of incredulous gifs and comments like @NewTSage's "Did Dominic Toretti just nitro jump off the Hoover Dam?" But others expounded a bit more, like @MikeVerse, who posted, "This movie looks even more ridiculous which I thought would be impossible considering everything they done so far. But I gotta say I'm loving it lol." 

Of course, others couldn't help saying something about the over-the-topness of it all. One pointed out that, per /Film, director Louis Letterier was aiming for a more "grounded" film, "yet this TV Spot shows Dom escaping a large explosion on a dam," @fluffyman85 said, emphasizing his comment with a meme of "Star Trek"'s Spock saying "Logical." Another post from @jacobadominguez said, "Me while simultaneously bursting into laughter at the shot of Dominic Toretto racing down the Hoover Dam," using a meme of Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky from the documentary "Voyage in Time," saying "Poetic Cinema."

Many users expressed excitement about seeing the film after viewing parts of this scene. "Just saw the Super Bowl commercial for #FASTX and guess what. I am dam sure watching," quipped @StevenM28021817. And no, that was not the only post that included a "dam" pun. "This looks so dam good," wrote @BriantheGamer24. Expect more of the same as the film's spring debut inches closer.