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You Season 4 Has Fans Buzzing Over Its Inaccurate Representation Of London

Social media has given fans more of a voice when it comes to interacting with their favorite films and TV shows. In the past, it was up to critics and scholars to dissect every last detail of a property. Now, anyone with time on their hands can voice their opinion on every aspect of a show, including whether it accurately depicts the location it claims to be set in.

We actually saw this fairly recently when scores of people took to Twitter to bash "The Last of Us." The show has rave reviews, but plenty of people took umbrage with the claim that 10 miles west of Boston is a forest landscape and not a suburb containing a Dunkin' Donuts. Eagle-eyed fans are back at it again to point out some inaccuracies with Season 4 of "You."

This season, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) finds himself in Europe as opposed to New York, Los Angeles, and a California suburb. Each season seems to take him to a new locale, but viewers rightfully point out how they could've gotten the details a little better when it came to Joe's European trek.

From the flats to the sunshine, You gets a lot wrong according to fans

"You" Season 4 actually filmed a good chunk of its scenes around London. Women's Health notes how Darcy College, where Joe works as an English professor in the show, was shot at Royal Holloway University. It goes on to point out other noteworthy filming locations people can actually visit in real life, but some felt the show still misrepresented aspects of living in London. 

The first inaccuracy people made note of was Joe's flat. Twitter user @rozlaws felt it was too large, stating, "Just started watching #YouNetflix. First thought – Joe has an impossibly huge and gorgeous flat. Gives Americans entirely the wrong impression of London. But hey, still good to watch, obvs." @WellPaidGeek followed this up by writing, "Of course the main character rents a flat that would cost more than his entire monthly pretax pay." Of course, TV characters living beyond their means is nothing new. All the characters from "Friends" would have a tough time renting their lavish New York City apartments, so that's something most people can probably overlook. 

Other people took issue with the amount of sunlight London received in the show, with @KamilaShakur saying, "They make London look super sunny." Naturally, London does get sunshine every now and then, but it's mostly known as a pretty gloomy city. Hopefully, such misrepresentations didn't upend anyone's viewing experience, especially seeing how the second half of Season 4 comes out on Netflix on March 9.