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Fans Love Melissa McCarthy Even More After Her Super Bowl 2023 Commercials

The Super Bowl LVII, which will be contested between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, is just around the corner, which means that a smörgåsbord of Super Bowl commercials has arrived. One of the stars of this year's commercials is actress and comedian Melissa McCarthy, who has most recently starred in the TV shows, "God's Favorite Idiot" and "Nine Perfect Strangers." She also made an appearance in the 2022 Marvel Cinematic Universe entry "Thor: Love and Thunder" as an actor taking on the role of Hela.

In one of her handful of Super Bowl commercials for Booking.com, McCarthy sings a song about traveling. The song begins, "I'm going to somewhere, anywhere, a beach house, a tree house, honestly I don't care!" Throughout the song, she appears in various different outfits — for instance, a fitted black dress with a leopard print wrap, complete with a glamorous hairstyle and sunglasses. The song hilariously concludes, "Somewhere, anywhere, as long as they have child care!" Plus, the commercial also features a cameo from McCarthy's husband and frequent collaborator, Ben Falcone — when McCarthy refers to a "sexy gardener," peeking over her sunglasses at Falcone, Falcone firmly corrects, "Landscape architect."

It's an undeniably pleasant and charming commercial and, so far, fans are loving it. In fact, it is even making fans love McCarthy more than they already did.

The YouTube comments are full of positive comments from fans about McCarthy

After the Booking.com commercial made it to YouTube a few days ago, fans immediately flooded the comments with positive things to say about Melissa McCarthy. One commenter, @valeriejaycox5316, wrote, "I just [love] everything she is in she's hilarious." They then brought the attention to Ben Falcone as well, adding, "Her husband is pretty darn funny also. What a team they are." On this note, @glendaramos348 expressed that they always look forward to a cameo from Falcone.

Another commenter, @marthahatfield5486, gave quite the compliment, writing, "I haven't seen a good commercial in a long time. Good one Melissa." Meanwhile, @ij6841 expressed a similar sentiment, noting that they actually sat through the entire commercial — which is, obviously, not something people do nowadays. "Why can't they make commercials like this anymore? WE NEED MORE EPIC COMMERCIALS," @jayalsop549 wrote.

All in all, the comments showcase just how much fans love McCarthy. For example, @jessdckey7712 wrote that they think McCarthy is one of the three funniest women ever. And @Sarahlynn0105 wrote, "Melissa is absolutely one-of-a-kind!"

McCarthy was more than happy to take on the job

To make this story even more heartwarming, it's worth pointing out that fans aren't the only ones with positive things to say about this Booking.com ad campaign. As it turns out, Melissa McCarthy herself is more than happy to have taken on the gig, even going as far as citing it as something of an acting challenge for her. "Nothing sounds more fun to me than getting to play nine different characters in under a minute. That's nine different wigs, guys!" McCarthy, who is even a Booking.com user herself, said (via Variety).

Continuing, McCarthy adds that on Super Bowl Sunday, it'll just be her, her husband, her kids, her parents, and their dogs. When one of the ads inevitably airs, she's anticipating a range of reactions throughout her family. She predicts, "I suspect my parents will be thrilled because I think they're still shocked that I have a steady job, my kids won't notice because they really haven't acknowledged what I do since the early aughts." McCarthy also expects to hear a laugh from her husband and for the dogs to ignore it entirely in favor of yet again destroying one of their stuffed toys. She wouldn't have it any other way.

Make sure to keep an eye out for Melissa McCarthy's collaboration with Booking.com when Super Bowl LVII airs on February 12, 2023.