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Cody Fern Would Love To Bring Back One Of His AHS Characters (Michael Langdon, Obviously)

If fans are discussing the biggest and most powerful antagonists that have appeared across "American Horror Story's" many seasons, Cody Fern's Michael Langdon has to at least be mentioned. After all, this baddy, who starred in "Apocalypse" (Season 8) is the literal antichrist of the "American Horror Story" universe and proves himself to be one of the strongest magic wielders in the entire series. It takes the combined efforts of many of the witches from "Coven" just to beat out Langdon and stop the apocalypse from ruining the world, and even though their efforts prove successful, it still comes at a steep, bloody cost.

Since his turn in "Apocalypse," Fern has become one of the franchise's biggest mainstays. Like many other members of the "American Horror Story" cast, he's gone on to appear in additional seasons like "1984" and "Double Feature" as completely different characters. Fern has also popped up a couple times on the spin-off series "American Horror Stories." But while his list of characters in Ryan Murphy's horror-verse has only continued to expand, the actor is nonetheless interested in bringing back Langdon for another go-around.

Fern is down for a Langdon return

In an interview with Decider, Cody Fern was asked which of his pre-existing "American Horror Story" and "American Horror Stories" characters he'd most like to return to in the future. The answer for the actor was clear: Michael Langdon. "I mean, there's no question," Fern elaborated. "I really loved playing Michael. I'm sure the fandom knows that, I bring him up all the time. But it was just a particular time in my life. It was a particular character, and everything just all felt so right. I really loved that character."

It's possible that Fern could return as Langdon in a future installment of the franchise. While "American Horror Story" is an anthology series, certain seasons have brought back characters from previous entries in unexpected ways. In fact, Langdon's main season "Apocalypse" was a crossover between "Murder House," "Coven," and "Hotel." But as for whether Fern has had any formal talks with the creative team about bringing Langdon back, he's playing coy. "No comment," he said when the subject was broached.

Back in 2018 after "Apocalypse" had concluded, showrunner Ryan Murphy told Entertainment Tonight that the witches from "Coven" would feature in at least one more season of "American Horror Story." The series has yet to make good on that promise, but when and if the time eventually arrives, perhaps Langdon will somehow be in tow as well. Maybe it could even be the crossover with "Asyum" Fern said he wants.