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Danny McBride Comments On His Not-So-Surprising Reveal In Downy's Super Bowl 2023 Commercial

It's become commonplace for Super Bowl commercials to become a who's who of celebrity cameos. In the past, it was a welcome surprise to see a beloved actor or musician grace an ad with their presence. But given the trend of companies releasing their full ads before the big game, which may or may not be a horrible trend that needs to die depending on who you ask, people know who to expect before the day even comes. 

That's the case with Downy's Super Bowl ad spot. At first, a mysterious figure with a hoodie over their face teased their involvement with Downy's commercial, although, from the voice, it was always pretty obvious it was Danny McBride, but that was part of the fun. In the actual Super Bowl spot, McBride is seen spreading the joy of Downey Unstopables while insisting he goes by the name "Downy McBride." It's the kind of humor that seems perfectly up McBride's wheelhouse, and before Sunday's game, the actor sat down to talk about his involvement with the ad, which isn't his first time being involved with a Super Bowl commercial.

Danny McBride did improv while shooting the commercial

Danny McBride notoriously did a commercial parody of "Crocodile Dundee" for Tourism Australia, where he took on the mantle of the iconic Australian character. Some people thought it was a legit revival of the property, but it was all for naught. This time around, McBride's commercial is far more straightforward, as he's seen shooting packages of Downy Unstopables at people around a neighborhood.

When speaking with Insider about teaming up with Downy, McBride commented how the initial disclosure of his identity was inherently silly: "My parents instantly recognized that it was me. So I was like, well, the jig is up." He then spoke about what it is about an ad that needs to appeal to him. He mentioned, "It just needs to look like it would be funny. I feel with commercials there's such a fine art to it. Getting people's attention in 30-45 seconds and try to make an impression. When they came to me with this, it just made me laugh." With this ad, there must've been a pretty simple pitch with Danny McBride rebranding himself as "Downy McBride." The actor joked, "I said I was down. Robert Downey Jr. must have said no."

With McBride in the picture, the ad spot must've written itself, and it sounds like Downy was more than happy to let the actor run wild. He went on to say, "On the day of, shooting was loose. I was able to improv." McBride is quickly becoming a Super Bowl staple, and you can watch him let loose during the big game this Sunday.