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Grey's Anatomy's Camilla Luddington Has A Soft Spot For The Series' Romantic Scenes

"Grey's Anatomy" viewers have seen it all. The medical professionals who work at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital have lived through a bomb threat, a mass shooting, a flood, and a plane crash, but longtime fans know that no matter what happens, the doctors will always have time for a bit of workplace romance. Each week, the doctors are forced to make life-or-death decisions, and they often find comfort in the arms of their coworkers. Tensions are always running high, and everyone has their own demons, which continue to fuel romance and heartbreak year after year.

When it comes to love, some characters have better luck than others. Portrayed by Camilla Luddington, Dr. Jo Wilson hasn't had a steady relationship since Alex Karev's (Justin Chambers) exit from the show. For a minute, it looked like Jo and Link (Chris Carmack) might get together, though they later decided to remain friends. She's had a few dalliances here and there, though her primary focus seems to be adjusting to motherhood after adopting baby Luna. However, Luddington is still a sucker for a juicy romantic scene, regardless of Jo's relationship status.

Camilla Luddington loves the drama that comes with romantic scenes

"Grey's Anatomy" is all about people who walk the line between life and death, so it makes sense that love is a common theme on the show. The dating pool at the hospital is pretty limited, so sometimes romantic connections are formed out of convenience. Most romances fizzle out, but that leaves room for other potential pairings. It might be confusing sometimes, but Camilla Luddington enjoys the chaos. In an interview with Elle, Luddington revealed that romantic scenes are her favorite to film because they always come with a vast emotional payoff for both the actor and the viewer.

"My favorite scenes to shoot on 'Grey's' are the scenes to do with romance where suddenly your character's like, 'Okay, I love you, I've always loved you," the actor explained, feigning dramatics. "They're always a long time coming, and there's a huge build-up, and you know that fans are going to lose their minds whether they love or hate it."

Jo's romantic life has been pretty stagnant since Alex left, though that makes sense, given her character history. She's bound to be afraid of commitment since Alex returned to Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl), though the real reason Justin Chambers left "Grey's Anatomy" was far less dramatic. Luckily for fans, Luddington doesn't plan on leaving "Grey's Anatomy" any time soon, so hopefully, Jo will get another chance at love somewhere down the line.