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Tulsa King's Garrett Hedlund On The Unspoken Understanding That Brings Mitch And Dwight Together

The debut season of "Tulsa King" on Paramount+ got off to a great start, garnering more viewers than the "House of the Dragon" premiere, and quickly receiving a much-deserved Season 2 renewal not long after the first entry was released (via The Hollywood Reporter). The first outing has also achieved exceptional scores on Rotten Tomatoes, including a Certified Fresh designation. The character Dwight Manfredi — played by Sylvester Stallone in his first major foray into television — has plenty of entertaining tough-guy moments, but he also reveals a softer side, especially regarding the people in his crew.

Undoubtedly, The General has an interesting dynamic with all the members of his fledgling operation. But one relationship that stands out for some is between Dwight and Mitch Keller (Garret Hedlund). While it hasn't been made official, Mitch acts as Dwight's consigliere concerning how to operate in Tulsa, and he isn't afraid to get into a shootout with The General if the opportunity arises. Keller even partners with Dwight on expanding his bar and grill, the Bred-2-Buck Saloon, by adding a casino and cabaret to the mix. Despite coming from very different backgrounds, the two manage to work well together. While this unlikely bond might seem strange to some, according to Hedlund, there are some obvious reasons why the two working together makes so much sense.

The two Tulsa King characters have a respect for one another

The relationship between Dwight Manfreddi and Mitch Keller is arguably one of the show's most intriguing endeavors, and actor Garret Hedlund claims there are a few reasons it works out so well. "It ends up that we have a trust," Hedlund said in an interview with Vulture. "There's something guys understand from being locked up. You got a dark past, working through some s**t, it's a new future." Their past imprisonment is not the only thing that binds them, though, as the actor added, "Also, right off the bat, there's a nice little understanding that we're both fighting to not let the past define us." It seems that the paths of redemption the two are on brought them together, and despite their differences, they both see the upside to joining forces.

And it isn't just Mitch who sees the value in working with Dwight. Hedlund has talked in the past about why these characters are so interested in joining The General's outfit despite there being a considerable amount of risk involved. "They see this man walk in with this confidence, who exudes a little bit of danger, a little bit of intrigue," the actor said in an interview with UPI. "We see a little opportunity and then, episode to episode, you see if those opportunities come to fruition." While watching the unlikely group of gangsters rising to power in Tulsa has proven to be entertaining, many followers of the Paramount+ series are probably more excited to see how far Dwight and Mitch can go as they build their criminal empire.