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Andrew Schulz Claims You People's Major Kissing Scene Was Actually CGI

"You People" got a fairly mixed response from both critics and audiences, not being able to crack 50 percent approval among either on Rotten Tomatoes. It still cracked Netflix's top 10 most-watched list, racking up 55 million hours of views over its opening weekend on the streamer (per Variety). Those numbers can likely be chalked up to the film being headlined by two comedy greats, Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill.

In "You People," Hill plays Ezra, who finds himself butting heads with his girlfriend's father (Eddie Murphy) in "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner"-style cultural clash. Hill has recently found success with directing, and Murphy is in the midst of a career comeback after 2019's "Dolemite Is My Name," so what's behind the mixed reaction to their team-up? One theory is that the central relationship in the movie between Hill's Ezra and Lauren London's Amira wasn't all that believable. At least, that could be a takeaway after hearing a story from co-star Andrew Schulz.

The comedian, who plays Cousin Avi in the film, revealed during an episode of his "Brilliant Idiots" podcast that the scene that capped off the entire movie with a kiss between Ezra and Amira was supposedly accomplished with CGI.

Andrew Schulz says it's obvious that the You People kiss is CGI

While speaking with Charlamagne Tha God on the "Brilliant Idiots" podcast, Andrew Schulz claimed that the Jonah Hill and Lauren London kiss was fake.

"I don't know if I should share this here, but in the final scene of 'You People,' they don't even kiss. It's CGI. Swear to God, son," Schulz said. The comedian revealed that Hill and London only got so close during the wedding scene, leaving Schulz to wonder if there would be a cut to another shot. Instead, CGI was used, and according to Schulz, if viewers watch the scene closely, they can see the faces of the two actors being altered.

"[I thought], oh, they're probably going to cut right there, but in the movie, you could see their faces come close, and then you can see their faces morph a little bit into a fake kiss." he said. Schulz's reveal has set social media on fire, with many viewers sharing the moment and ripping the movie over it.

"Ayo is it true," @abraha_mikiele tweeted along with laughing emojis. @keisean_raines replied, mentioning that the alleged CGI revelation was not surprising due to the lack of chemistry between Hill and London. @txadel_ expressed confusion, wondering why actors would sign on for romantic roles if they were uncomfortable with physical intimacy.