What Is The Song In Hilton's 'For The Stay' Commercial With Brandi Carlile?

The brief yet impactful "For the Stay" Hilton ad features Grammy-award winner Brandi Carlile. Many people who enjoyed the commercial might be wondering which of the many tracks the well-renowned artist has released throughout her impressive career is the one that can be heard playing in the background.

When it comes to music that the illustrious Grammy Awards recognize, fans can listen to them in several ways, including radio, streaming, and online. But because they often get skipped or are so quick, many may not realize that there are an ample amount of these highly revered and well-crafted tunes found in commercials. Whether it's recruiting Meghan Trainor for a Pringles advertisement or utilizing the talents of Grammy-award nominees like Rival Sons for a Chevy truck promotion, there is really no shortage of examples of elite songs being used effectively to push the message of their respective adverts. 

And when the Grammys or their affiliates promote something related to the biggest night in the music industry, they bring in top-notch talent to provide the right sound. The Hilton hotel chain, the host of the Grammys since the awards show first started handing out Gramophone trophies, brought in Brandi Carlile for their "Stay For Long" promo, which features a song from her impressive catalog.

Brandi Carlile's 'Stay Gentle' is playing in the 'For the Stay' Hilton ad

In the "Stay For Long" commercial, while narrating the Hilton's history with the Grammys and accommodating some iconic music moments, Brandi Carlile is seen walking through the lobby before she finishes preparing to perform. But instead of taking the stage at the awards event, she enters the bedroom in her Hilton suite to sing to her daughters before they go to bed. The song playing in the background is "Stay Gentle," which is from Carlile's seventh studio album titled "In These Silent Days." The album took home the award for Best Americana Album at the 2023 Grammy Awards.

Carlile had a big night at the Grammys, earning three total awards and delivering what has been referred to as an electrifying performance (via Grammys). Her daughters, Evangeline and Elijah, who were featured in the Grammy-related Hilton ad, also made their presence known at music's biggest night as they, along with Carlile's wife, Catherine, introduced the singer before she took the stage (via Entertainment Tonight).

The award-winner is no stranger to causing a stir at the Grammys as she was the most nominated woman of the 2019 showcase (via Billboard). Whether it was Brandi Carlile tearing up the stage or Viola Davis taking home the coveted EGOT honor with her win, there were plenty of memorable moments from a slew of big names that night. While they weren't directly in the mix, the Hilton lived up to its reputation and was once again a part of music history.