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Modern Family's Rico Rodriguez Would Be Completely On Board With A Manny Spin-Off

It's been a few years since ABC's "Modern Family" aired its finale, and plenty of fans are still feeling the loss. After all, viewers got to know the Dunphy/Pritchett clan well enough to happily welcome them into their living rooms on a weekly basis, even if it was just for 22 minutes at a time. And although the series gave us a satisfying conclusion, it's hard not to want more from these characters, in any shape or form. And, at least one of the cast members has expressed the same interest in continuing the story.

One of the characters that many fans feel they can get more of is Manny, played by Rico Rodriguez. Manny, one of the show staples since the first episode, is the son of Gloria (Sofia Vergara) and stepson to Jay (Ed O'Neil). Right off the bat, Manny was presented as a sweet, brilliant kid who is clearly wired beyond his years. Over the seasons, Manny grew more confident in his own quirky personality, usually being the one to call out the obvious around him. Rodriguez's character was a delight to watch and was someone fans would love to see more of.

This possibility of more "Modern Family," to fans' dismay, has been shot down by co-creator Steven Levitan, at least partially. Levitan expressed (via AP) that he didn't believe the series needed a reboot unless "a very compelling reason comes along." He continued with, " ... and by that I mean creatively compelling, I would, of course, have open ears ... or have an open mind. But, I'm definitely not looking to do that now." Well, with a reboot seemingly off the table, the only possibility fans can hang on to would be a "Modern Family" spinoff, and Rico Rodriquez is on board for that.

Manny can be taken around the world

Although a chance for a "Modern Family" reboot appears off the table for now, fans are still hoping for a possible spin-off series to take them back to the good feelings the show provided for eleven seasons. One of these advocates comes from the main cast, and it's Rico Rodriguez, who played Manny on the hit sitcom. Interviewed at the "Mattel Children's Hospital Party on the Pier" event by reporter Alexis Joy, Rodriguez was asked his thoughts on a possible spin-off series, and his reaction mirrored the wants of plenty of his fans.

When asked about his thoughts on a "Modern Family" spin-off show, Rodriguez seemed plenty down for it, and he was quick to offer his suggestion for the star of the hypothetical series. "Well, I mean, I guess I'd say I'd love a spin-off of Manny, I mean that would be great," he said. "I wouldn't complain about that!" Neither would fans, especially those who feel there is so much more to explore with this unique character. As for where producers could take Manny (now that it's been a few years later), it's surely up for debate.

One person who has a good opinion on where Rodriguez's "Modern Family" character could go is his sister Raini Rodriguez, who was accompanying him during the interview. When asked about a possible premise for a spin-off Manny series, she quickly chimed in with, "Manny traveling the world! He's so cultured!" Well, Raini has a good point about placing Manny in different types of foreign dynamics, as the character absolutely possesses a fine-tuned lens for all the people around him. Only time will tell if we ever get to see this show or any other spin-off scenario.