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Chicago Med's Kristen Hager Comments On How Stevie Breaks Female Stereotypes

"Chicago Med" has been on the air since 2015. Created by the crime-fighting television powerhouse team Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead, "Chicago Med" is part of a massive TV universe that includes many successful shows, including "Chicago Fire," "Chicago P.D.," and all of the "Law & Order" series, just to name a few.

"Chicago Med" is currently in its eighth season. Unlike many of the other series in this crime-fighting multiverse, it focuses on Gaffney Chicago Medical Center's emergency care and the rush to save lives that the doctors, nurses, and staff go through. "Chicago Med" does often have crossovers with the other two Chicago-based series, but its main focus is on the actual process of medically saving a life rather than hunting down criminals and trying to put them behind bars.

Naturally, the most important and influential characters on the show are the medical professionals. Dr. Stevie Hammer (Kristen Hager) is one such doctor who stands out in the series as a woman who puts her job above all else. Nothing is more important than doing her work well because she's literally saving lives. Kristen Hager has a lot of praise for the character she portrays because she feels like Dr. Hammer breaks the mold.

Hager says that Dr. Stevie is a fighter

Kristen Hager answered many questions during One Chicago Day, a fan event for dedicated fans of the Chicago series. Hager and Marlyne Barrett, who plays nurse Maggie Lockwood, were asked how their characters break female stereotypes. When asked this, Hager didn't hesitate in saying, "Stevie doesn't hold back. She's a fighter."

Immediately after this declaration, One Chicago Day cut to a scene of Stevie having an argument with Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss) because he intervened with one of her patients and authorized something she didn't approve of. In the clip, she even accuses him of going around her because he thought he knew better than her and that he hasn't changed since med school.

"There's something that I find very similar between our two characters is this ability to put the bravado on and get the job done. They're not hard, but they're firm in their commitment to get the job done and they'll deal with the emotion of it after," Barrett answered, comparing the parallels between Maggie Lockwood and Dr. Stevie Hammer in her answer. Hager agreed with this assessment, nodding her head and vocally agreeing.

Stereotypes usually dictate that women are overly emotional, especially in extreme circumstances or life-and-death situations, but Nurse Lockwood and Dr. Hammer refuse to let their emotions get in the way of doing their jobs well. Nothing matters more to them than saving as many lives as they can, and nothing will get in their way.