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Piper Perabo Hopes Yellowstone Fans Take The Show's Issues To Heart

With the latest show in the "Yellowstone" universe, "1923," having already been renewed for Season 2 on Paramount, it looks like Taylor Sheridan's massive western collective isn't going anywhere any time soon. And if any more indication is needed of fan demand for the franchise, "Yellowstone," the flagship series of Sheridan's universe, seems to be going on as strong as ever (via Parrot Analytics).

Of course, as with other popular shows like "Succession" and "House of the Dragon," much of the success of "Yellowstone" stems from the internal squabbling and betrayals among the many disparate members of the main family of the series' story. While the Dutton family has its fair share of issues, few characters are at odds with one another in a way that is as extreme as in the relationship between Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Summer (Piper Perabo).

The two mix together about as well as oil and water and, as such, have already gotten into an intense physical altercation on the series. In spite of all the fighting, however, Perabo thinks that "Yellowstone" does have an important message at its core, and she hopes audiences will pick up on it.

Perabo thinks that Yellowstone highlights some important issues of representation

Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Piper Perabo was asked if there were any real-life issues tackled by "Yellowstone" that she thought were especially meaningful. The actor was quick to point out how important she thinks the representation of indigenous people and groups is in the series.

"Native American representation. I know it's really important to Taylor and Mo, who plays Mo, the right-hand to Gil Birmingham's character," Perabo said. "He is also the liaison between tribes and the show, and the show takes that really seriously." The fact that "Yellowstone" has people in these pivotal roles is already a step in the right direction, meaning that the cast and crew definitely take these matters to heart.

Perabo also pointed out the small details that are included in the series as reference points for how important these issues are when speaking on a recent scene concerning a pipeline. "It's not just American flags behind them; there are tribal flags behind them as well," Perabo went on. "I think the show has a real awareness of [the] diversity of tribes and tribal issues in the United States, and I think that's really cool." Since "Yellowstone" creator Taylor Sheridan has also written the film "Wind River," which deals heavily with indigenous culture, it would seem that it's no accident that his shows take these issues so seriously.