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The One Modern Family Character Reddit Fans Would Love To Spend An Entire Day With

There's good reason that so many of the "Modern Family" cast members have been nominated and won awards for their characters' portrayals (via IMDb). Not only were the characters quirky and relatable, but they were also, in their diverse ways, likable. Sure, not every family can fit together their foibles and dysfunctions so seamlessly with each others' strengths, but we all kind of wish they could.

So it shouldn't be all that surprising that fans of the show might wonder who, in this strangely delightful melange of personalities, they would most easily click with. Naturally, during and after the height of the show's popularity, a bevy of online quizzes popped up that promised to reveal which character you are most like (via Buzzfeed), or simply which family on the famed ABC sitcom you might be the best fit for (via TheQuiz.com).

It's a fun thing to ponder, of course, fanciful though it may be. But while it's one thing to think through which character you are most like, it's another to think about whose company you would most enjoy.

Fans really want to spend the day with Phil Dunphy

According to a poll posted at the r/Modern_Family subreddit by u/riflefox, fans would most like to spend the day with Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell), and it wasn't even close. Phil got a total of 165 votes, while Haley (Sarah Hyland) came in second place with 42 votes, about a quarter of what Phil received. Next came Claire (Julie Bowen) with 28; Alex (Ariel Winter) got 27 votes. And coming in last was Luke (Nolan Gould), with 11 votes.

Of course, readers are no doubt seeing a pretty big shortcoming in this poll. It only contains members of the Dunphy branch of the "Modern Family" clan. There's no mention of Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) or Cameron (Eric Stonestreet), let alone the latter's clown alter ego, Fizbo, who would likely be some very fun company. There's no Gloria (Sofia Vergara) or Manny (Rico Rodriguez), and even patriarch Jay Pritchett (Ed O'Neill) is missing from this poll.

That being said, we can't really deny that between Phil's charming-albeit-gormless sense of humor, his loyalty as a family man, and his willingness to always see the best in people, spending a day with him would be very enjoyable. Just don't let him near Fizbo, and you'll both be fine.