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Nick Offerman Has The Perfect Response For The Last Of Us Episode 3's Haters

Love is such a strong emotion that even during the worst of times, the feeling can quickly flourish between two individuals, whether it be romantic or strictly platonic. HBO's latest romp through a post-apocalyptic world, "The Last of Us," is based on the game of the same name and shows off what would happen if the real-life cordyceps fungus would adapt to infect humans. This infection results in the afflicted becoming lethally aggressive while also slowly transforming them into more and more fungi.

Considering how potent this new strain of cordyceps is in "The Last of Us," survivors are intrinsically cautious and brutal in their responses when it comes to living in the now-shattered world. However, even after society as we know it is destroyed, that doesn't stop people from developing complex feelings.

Even though Joel (Pedro Pascal) and Ellie (Bella Ramsey) are still keeping each other at arm's length, the third episode of "The Last of Us" features a slow-burn romance between Bill (Nick Offerman) and Frank (Murray Bartlett) that doesn't leave a dry eye in the house, and it wouldn't be surprising to hear that many viewers will never be able to look at strawberries the same again. Unfortunately, this kind of relationship tends to garner a fair amount of controversy from some groups of people, and Offerman certainly had a perfect response to one loud individual. 

Offerman has no tolerance for bigots

Although Episode 3 of "The Last of Us" has garnered tremendous accolades from both audiences and critics, there is definitely a group of people that were greatly upset at this particular story. This is probably most apparent by looking at user-submitted scores on IMDb, of which there are over 130,000. While the vast majority of votes gave this episode a perfect 10, over 38,000 people gave the episode the lowest score possible, which highlights a clear division among audiences.

Speaking with The New Yorker, video game creator and television producer Neil Druckmann said that he anticipated some blowback from Episode 3 before the show even released, saying, "As awesome as that episode is, there are going to be fans who are upset by it. To me, the story we tell is authentic to the world. It's authentic to the themes that we're talking about."

Although most expressing a contrary opinion on Episode 3 of "The Last of Us" aren't usually given the time of day by those creating and starring in the show, it looks like one particular irate individual has attracted the attention of Nick Offerman over on Twitter. The user said that they were liking the show, but as soon as they got to Episode 3, they could no longer stand watching on account of the homosexuality and began to hurl insults at Offerman and tagging his account. Surprisingly, Offerman actually noticed, and replied, "Buddy, your brand of ignorance and hate is exactly why we make stories like this."

Upon reading this retort, one can almost visualize Offerman putting on one of his discerning scowls, but between Offerman's response and Druckmann's original anticipation of angry fans, it seems like all were prepared for this sad eventuality.