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Who Is The Actress In Avocados From Mexico's Super Bowl 2023 Commercial?

The Super Bowl is the treat that keeps on giving. While the annual game continues to be a showcase for the best in the world of football, there's no denying how the television event has become a great showcase for advertisers to debut their most daring (and interesting) TV spots. This year is no different, with several companies and ad agencies vying for precious air time that hopefully catapults their product or brand to success.

Ahead of the big game, which takes place on February 12, 2023, several companies have started to debut their advertisements. Considering that 30 seconds of air time costs a whopping $7 million USD this year, per AdAge, it's not surprising that brands want to drum up hype for their costly ads ahead of the game. The best advertisements released so far include a cheeky Heineken and "Ant-Man" collab, a "Clueless" throwback starring Alicia Silverstone paid by Rakuten, and a "Breaking Bad" reunion courtesy of PopCorners.

While most Super Bowl 2023 commercials are eager to sell audiences something, Avocados from Mexico wants to educate viewers about the delicious, creamy green fruit (while also trying to pitch just how great Avocados from Mexico are). The non-profit org has released a brand new snippet of its Super Bowl commercial and it features a familiar face.

Anna Faris headlines the Avocados from Mexico Super Bowl ad

Avocados from Mexico, the non-profit marketing org focused on promoting the distribution of the eponymous fruit from Mexican farmers, has released a brand-new teaser ahead of their Super Bowl 2023 TV spot. The org's "Big Game" Teaser starts with what looks like the birth of the universe, with a narrator discussing how avocados have had the ability to change the world since the beginning of time. Sweeping, "Planet Earth"-like shots of Earth then dominate the screen. Things get a bit less serious when Anna Faris, best known for appearing in the "Scary Movie" films, shows up.

Faris, who also headlined CBS' "Mom," looks to be lampooning Eve and her whole debacle with "the fruit of knowledge." After a few more shots of nature, viewers return to a shocked Faris, who opens up a glowing, almost revelatory avocado. The narrator caps off his monologue by saying, "[the avocado has] the ability to make everything better." The teaser ends with the promise that there's more to come during Super Bowl Sunday.

This isn't the first time Faris has headlined a major campaign. The "Dictator" star lent her talents in 2018 to promote the Atom Tickets app (via iSpot.TV). Audiences can find out more about Faris' Avocados from Mexico ad when it debuts during the Super Bowl on February 12, 2023.