The Cast Of Breaking Bad Is Reuniting On Super Bowl Sunday To Sell You Chips

The world's most famous meth cooks are back in a brand new Super Bowl commercial, which will see "Breaking Bad" stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul teaming up with another familiar drug-dealing face from the show. 

"Breaking Soon," says the latest YouTube teaser from PopCorners, the popcorn chip company sponsoring Jesse Pinkman and Walter White's upcoming reunion spot. The notorious pair can be seen in the teaser promo driving their iconic RV to an undisclosed meet-up somewhere, all while snacking on some of the company's treats. PopCorners has been teasing the duo's Super Bowl commercial for a number of weeks now, with them hinting at some sort of showdown or arrival somewhere. "We're cooking up something," the chip dealers hinted in a January 18 tweet. "Let's get this thing started," they later added on January 26. 

The entire campaign was kicked off on December 22, 2022, with an ominous post featuring the date of the Super Bowl and a photo of a shadowy Walter White silhouette. PopCorners later followed it up with a tweet that showed Cranston's Walter White in full color and costume, with the phrase: "Say. Our. Name." Fans who caught wind of the campaign flocked to PopCorners' Twitter page to show their support. "There needs to be 'Breaking Bad' inspired bags with names like 'Walter White Cheddar' or like 'Salamanca Sweet Chili' or even 'Better Call Jalapeño Cheddar,'" suggested @RCrayon21. "I swear, if this is Heisenberg's last appearance, you better make it phenomenal," wrote @BinglandUK in a tweet that's gotten over 2,000 likes. 

On Thursday, PopCorners released an epic photo still from the "Breaking Bad" commercial, showing another legendary character who's set to join Jesse and Walt in the Super Bowl promo.

Jesse and Walt set to face off with Tuco Salamanca in PopCorners commercial

Raymond Cruz's Tuco Salamanca is reportedly set to face off with Jesse Pinkman and Walter White in the much-anticipated PopCorners Super Bowl ad, which will play sometime during the NFL's big game on February 12 (via Variety). New press images show the "Breaking Bad" trio back together again in the New Mexican desert discussing business just like the old days. Only this time, their business is popcorn chips. 

Fans of Cruz who will be watching the Super Bowl will surely be ecstatic to see the "Breaking Bad" legacy actor on their TV screens after his last outing as Tuco in "Better Call Saul" last year. While Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul may seem like they probably had a blast doing the PopCorners commercial and promo videos, Cruz is a completely different story — or at least that's how it used to be when he would portray Tuco. 

"There's nothing fun about it," Cruz once told The Hollywood Reporter. "It's a great character, but to try to pull it off is really difficult. It's really high-energy. It's relentless. It's very physical and it wears you out. You get very drained." Hopefully, since it is just popcorn chips that Tuco and the "Breaking Bad" crew appear to be dealing with — and not crystal meth — things went relatively smoother for him and everyone involved.