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Who Is The Actor In Sam Adams' 'Your Cousin's Brighter Boston' Super Bowl 2023 Commercial?

Super Bowl LVII is soon to play out in front of the hordes of football-loving masses. And as the big game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles approaches, all anyone can talk about is this year's hotly-anticipated line-up of Super Bowl commercials. Okay, that may not be entirely accurate. But since we're living in a world where Super Bowl ads start making the rounds well before the day of the game, said ads are indeed already getting a bit of coverage.

As one might expect, the game will feature new ads from all the typical Super Bowl players. And that includes a fresh spot from iconic Boston-based brewhouse Samuel Adams. Like many of its competitors, Sam Adams has gone the route of adding a spokesperson to their ad campaigns in recent years, and it's safe to say their hilarious "Your Cousin From Boston" spots have not only kept its well-established customer base engaged with the brand but brought more than a few new consumers on board as well.

Those ads have even made a bit of a star of the man who plays the lovably bungling Cousin. Here's who plays the part in Sam Adams' latest "Your Cousin From Boston" Super Bowl spot.

Gregory Hoyt is getting a lot of exposure from his long-running Samuel Adams beer campaign

If you've yet to see the "Your Cousin From Boston" ads, they find the titular cousin playing a buffoonish Bostonite who leans endearingly into every stereotype folks might have about those from the New England metropolis. Given that Samuel Adams is a born-and-bred Boston company, it's safe to assume they might have some particular insight into such matters. Ditto for the actor behind the titular goofball, whose real name is Gregory Hoyt. Though according to a recent NBC10 piece, Hoyt hails from Amesbury, Massachusetts, and not from Boston proper. 

As Hoyt's parents noted during that interview, his penchant for comedy was born on the stages of the Amesbury theater scene. Hoyt's mother Patty even notes of his first stage appearance, "He just broke the audience up so much, I think he learned the power of comedy, and the power of laughter." Through his several "Your Cousin From Boston" appearances, Hoyt's comedic prowess has been well on display.

Regarding the latest chapter of "Your Cousin From Boston," the Super Bowl spot finds him pondering the sunnier side of the city while purchasing a case of Sam Adams' "Remastered" flagship brew. That vision is something else, to say the least. It includes appearances from a few famous faces, including Boston Celtics legend Kevin Garnett, who has hilariously written a book on the virtues of not talking trash. As for Hoyt, he continues to earn notoriety for the ads, building on an impressive resume that fronts supporting roles in "Heroes," "Heart of Dixie," Leonardo DiCaprio's "J. Edgar," The Rock's "Rampage," and Mike Myers' recent Netflix vehicle, "The Pentaverate."