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Lockwood & Co.'s Lucy Carlyle Reminds Ruby Stokes Of Herself (But 'Cooler')

Much like the enterprising members that make up the crew in "Ghostbusters," Netflix's "Lockwood & Co." shows what the world might look like if there were actual ghost hunters running around and dealing with tangible phantasms and apparitions. It's an interesting concept, especially for the generations of "Ghostbusters" fans who have thought about what a real-life ghost-hunting job might look like.

Ruby Stokes plays Lucy Carlyle in this brand-new Netflix series. Before joining the cast, however, she made quite the impression in "Bridgerton," starring in just five episodes. However, Stokes left "Bridgerton" when she got the call from Netflix to join "Lockwood & Co." In an interview with What To Watch, Stokes explained her departure, saying, "Leaving was always going to be a difficult choice, but something about Lucy spoke to me. It was a chance to explore a very different character and I've learned a great deal playing a young adult at the helm of a show. I just felt it was an opportunity I couldn't turn down!" 

Of course, while going from a historical show to one involving corporate ghost hunting was always going to be an interesting change of pace for Stokes, it appears as if she saw a bit of herself in her new character.

Stokes believes Lucy in Lockwood & Co is just like a normal young adult

In "Lockwood & Co," Lucy Carlyle joins two brothers in an amateur ghost-hunting business, but what's important to realize is that in this world, ghosts are very much real and easily provable. The trailer for "Lockwood & Co" highlights just what audiences can expect. It features Lucy lending her talents to Anthony Lockwood (Cameron Chapman) and George Karim (Ali Hadji-Heshmati) as they attempt to hunt ghosts in a world where most ghost hunting is done by giant and autocratic organizations. Despite the trailer showing off swords that can harm ghosts, Lucy herself also possesses some latent psychic abilities that make her an effective ghost hunter. That's quite different from playing the sixth child in "Bridgerton."

Speaking with Cosmopolitan, Ruby Stokes spoke about what drew her to the character of Lucy in "Lockwood & Co." "What attracted me to the role of Lucy was that she's not just the center of the story or the hero, but she's a well-rounded, fleshed out, very normal teenage girl," Stoke said. "She manages to balance this ghost world with going through that universal experience of being a teenager while speaking her mind and being unapologetically herself. She reminded me a lot of myself — only [she's] much cooler." 

This statement makes perfect sense, because many people may find themselves tempering their personalities and opinions, though Lucy in "Lockwood & Co" certainly doesn't. At least it is now known that Stokes sees a bit of herself in Lucy, though by her own admission, Lucy is a little bit more exciting. However, that probably happens when you are facing down the spirits of the dead.