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Joe Cornish Serves Up The Scares In The Trailer For Netflix's Lockwood & Co.

Fans of offbeat genre cinema have remembered the name Joe Cornish ever since the release of "Attack the Block" in 2011. With "Attack the Block 2" reportedly in development, Cornish has been keeping himself busy with the upcoming Netflix series "Lockwood & Co.," based on the popular young adult series by author Jonathan Stroud.

Like "Attack the Block," "Lockwood & Co." also deals with a group of young people defending London from an impossible threat. Only instead of aliens, it's ghosts, the bread and butter of the show's titular ghost-hunting agency, owned and operated by Anthony Lockwood (Cameron Chapman) and George Karim (Ali Hadji-Heshmati), joined by ghost-hunting psychic newcomer Lucy Carlyle (Ruby Stokes).

Now, a trailer for the series has hit the internet, and it shows that in the universe of "Lockwood & Co.," ghost-hunting has come a long way from the day of seances and ectoplasmic residue. This version of ghost-hunting seems to involve a lot of high-impact martial arts and sword fighting, and the ghosts do a lot more than rattle chains and make loud thuds in empty basements.

The show hits Netflix on January 27, 2023

The trailer is a long time coming for fans of the "Lockwood & Co." series, which has been in development going back to at least 2017. But if you're a newcomer to this particular ghost-hunting saga, all you really need to know is that in a London fully stocked with (per Netflix's own description) "corporate, adult-run agencies," the agency at the center of "Lockwood & Co." is the only one run by teens with no adult supervision or oversight.

Is entrusting the battling of baddies from the afterlife to a trio of eccentric young adults a good idea? Viewers won't know for sure until they watch "Lockwood & Co.," but the trailer seems to show the kids holding their own against London's evidently limitless supply of malicious and powerful spirits from the beyond. As for Joe Cornish's involvement, IMDb says he's directing two episodes of the show, so fans of "Attack the Block" have that to look forward to as well.

You can see the trailer for yourself above, and Season 1 of "Lockwood & Co." hits Netflix on January 27, 2023.