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You Can Own The Real Memoir Of Scott Lang, Mentioned In Ant-Man 3

In a post-"Avengers: Endgame" world, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) has become a superstar of sorts. After all, Ant-Man is pretty much responsible for saving the world and bringing back half the universe's population. After he helped the Avengers defeat Thanos, what has Ant-Man been up to? The upcoming "Ant-Man and the Wap: Quantumania" is set to answer that very question, peeling back the layers on Lang's relationship with fame and fortune. 

Promotional footage released for the Marvel threequel has confirmed that Lang has achieved superstardom. From walking red carpets to getting recognized on the street by fans, Lang is certainly living the good life. Despite his fame as an A-list Avenger, Lang still gets confused for Spider-Man. Unlike Spider-Man, however, Ant-Man's sold out. 

How did Ant-Man become so popular? "Ms. Marvel" confirmed that Lang has his own podcast, titled "Big Me, Little Me," where he breaks down what it's like to be Ant-Man. The in-universe podcast hasn't been released despite the various pleas of fans. Marvel Studios is, however, releasing a tie-in book for fans. It turns out that Lang is going full influencer mode in "Quantumania." In addition to his "Big Me, Little Me" podcast, Lang has his very own memoir that can actually be purchased.

Ant-Man's (real) memoir will break down how the Avengers defeated Thanos

"Look Out for the Little Guy!"an actual in-universe memoir from Scott Lang (Rudd) is set to be released by Disney Book's Hyperion Avenue print. The memoir, which will prominently be featured in "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania," is set to be 256 pages long. The cover of the memoir features Lang in pensive thought, with Ant-Man standing proudly on his shoulder. The Marvel Studios tie-in memoir is available for pre-order in hardcover from several retailers. No word yet on who the memoir's ghostwriter is. 

The official tagline for the memoir dubs the "Ant-Man" threequel tie-in as the "the incredible story of an ex-con turned world-saving Super Hero." The memoir's official description reveals that readers will get an honest and truthful account of Lang's hardships from beginning to end. "Look Out for the Little Guy!" will cover Lang's time in jail, how he became Ant-Man, and joined the Avengers. The description specifically mention that the memoir will dive deep into what really happened between Thanos and the Avengers. Those who watched "Ms. Marvel" will remember that Lang's podcast also highlighted the inner-workings of the battle with Thanos.

The book's description also confirms that "Look Out for the Little Guy!" is "the first memoir from a real-life Avenger." As expected, the in-universe memoir has the seal of approval from fellow Avenger Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), who says the book "introduces the man behind the hero, and the hero I call friend."

Lang will be seen promoting "Look Out for the Little Guy!" in "Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, which arrives on February 17 2023.

"Look Out for the Little Guy," meanwhile, won't hit shelves until September 5 2023.