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There's An Actual Neurosurgeon Hiding Among The Cast Of Chicago Med

Among the many challenging cases wheeled in through the doors of the Emergency Department on NBC's "Chicago Med" (which you can watch as a standalone show), more than a few end up demanding a neurosurgeon's deep expertise and delicate eye-hand coordination.

As long-time viewers of this One Chicago hit are well-aware, the show goes to great lengths to make medical drama on the series as heart-pounding as possible when it comes to giving the docs and nurses at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center all the stress they can handle, and maybe a little bit more. But it might take a true Chi-Hard fan to explain that, as noted by TV Insider, the writers on "Chicago Med" base their storylines exclusively on published accounts of real-world medical cases. As a result, the series' medical advisor Andrew Dennis says that overall the medical practices shown on the show are roughly 85 percent accurate.

But when it comes to the enormously fine-grained procedures involved in slicing into the complex structures of the human brain or spinal column, getting it right 85 percent of the time just won't cut it (so to speak). Fortunately, "Chicago Med" has someone scrubbing in for duty on the series who brings all the real-world skills needed to ensure the show's neurosurgical elements are 100 percent accurate.

Chicago Med's on-screen talent features real-world neurosurgeon Dr. Oren Gottfried

Both a medical advisor and actor on "Chicago Med," Dr. Oren Gottfried hails from Duke University Hospital in Durham, N.C., where he is a professor and practicing neurosurgeon. In addition to providing his expertise to ensure legitimate depictions of medical procedures on "Chicago Med," Gottfried also masks up to play the creatively named character of Dr. Oren Gottfried in occasional appearances on the show.

But "Chicago Med" isn't the only show to benefit from this doc's surgical savvy. He also consults on other TV series, including "The Good Doctor," "Royal Pains," and "Elementary." When wearing his consultant's hat, Gottfried suggests possible plotlines to the show's writers and also helps to make sure what's seen on screen reflects actual medical protocol. For instance, in the "Waiting" episode of "The Good Doctor," the surgeon is given a "story by" credit for his contribution (per Spoiler TV). As for what he likes to pitch in the way of ideas for "Chicago Med," Gottfried told WRAL News, "I think of those extreme scenarios. Maybe a common disease with a very uncommon presentation," he said. "Or maybe it's a very common disease treated with a real innovative solution." Either way, Gottfried's neurosurgical knowledge helps keep "Chicago Med" on the cutting edge of fictional-yet-authentic TV medical dramas.