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Can You Watch Chicago Med As A Standalone Show?

"Chicago Med" has proven itself to be a compelling addition to the medical procedural pantheon. However, some viewers who otherwise enjoy the genre may hesitate to watch the series because of its ties to the "One Chicago" franchise, an ambitious and intertwined collection of shows that highlight the trials, tribulations, and daily lives of the Windy City's finest public servants. The franchise first kicked off with "Chicago Fire" and eventually received spin-offs in the form of "Chicago P.D.," the short-lived "Chicago Justice," and, of course, "Chicago Med."

Because of its place within "One Chicago," many procedural junkies might skip "Chicago Med" for fear of missing out on key plot points. It's a viable worry, as, while each entry in the franchise follows its own narratives and characters, it is not uncommon for the stories of the shows to spill over into each other. That's not even to mention the fact that these "One Chicago" crossovers include some really great moments.

While some might want the full picture when it comes to crossovers, guest appearances, and keeping up with all the happenings in Chicago, others just want to relax and watch the drama in the ER unfold without worrying that they are missing key details by not watching the other shows. Here's what you need to know about watching "Chicago Med" as a standalone show from those who know the series best: the fans.

You can enjoy Chicago Med without watching any other One Chicago shows

The beauty of the "One Chicago" shows is that they can be enjoyed on their own, meaning "Chicago Med" does not require you to dabble in the happenings of the Windy City's law enforcement and fire departments. While there will be some things you miss given the franchise's love of crossover events, these gaps are easy to work around. 

In a Reddit thread started by a viewer asking about watching "Chicago Med" as a standalone show, u/skieurope12 told the original poster that "there are only three true crossover episodes where you would miss some stuff," meaning viewers won't be losing out on tons of information if they just stick to "Chicago Med." Furthermore, u/Aggressive-Ear-8688 said, "I do not watch any other shows in the series except Chicago med. I mean I could see how the other shows could enhance the storyline because you'd have more information, but it's not necessary in my opinion." And u/beansoupscratch even said that while they are solely a "Chicago Med" viewer, they dip into the other shows exclusively when they need to for one of the crossover events. 

So those who only want to tune into "Chicago Med" should feel empowered to do so. After all, not only does the series have compelling characters and pulse-pounding drama, but as popular YouTube personality Doctor Mike has noted, it is also one of the more accurate medical dramas on TV. On the flip side, if you do want to totally immerse yourself in the world, there are "One Chicago" viewing guides that can help you watch the shows in the correct order.