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Betty Is Really Starting To Get On The Winchesters Fans' Nerves

"The Winchesters" takes a look at the early days of John Winchester (Drake Rodger) and Mary Campbell's (Meg Donnelly) relationship, giving fans of "Supernatural" more context about Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam's (Jared Padalecki) family history. There are plenty of small details you may have missed that pay homage to the original show, though the prequel series introduces the audience to a brand new set of characters. Fighting alongside Mary and John are fellow monster hunters Latika Desain (Nida Khurshid), Carlos Cervantez (Jojo Fleites), and Ada Monroe (Demetria McKinney). Together, they give the "Scooby-Doo" gang a run for their money.

Although certain aspects of the show have left fans divided over John Winchester's legacy, it's interesting to get a glimpse at who he was before a lifetime of monster hunting turned him into the morally gray character viewers see on "Supernatural." The prequel series also touches on John's close relationship with his mother, Millie (Bianca Kajlich), as well as the fact that he was formerly engaged before fighting in the Vietnam War. John's ex-fiancée is a young police officer named Betty (Andrea Londo), and while she initially seemed harmless enough, the character isn't too popular with fans.

The Winchesters fans think Betty is bad news

It seemed like Betty was content to move past her relationship with John, but the most recent episode of "The Winchesters" indicates that she still harbors feelings for him. In the latest installment, titled "Cast Your Fate to the Wind," Betty tried using evidence of Mary's murky past to get on Millie's good side and when that failed, she confronted Mary directly. Although Betty says she's just trying to help John stay on the right path, fans just aren't buying it. "Betty is a busybody. You guys broke up, please stop with the innocent 'Oh, I'm just worried about John' act," wrote Twitter user @lotusfalling.

The episode also revealed that Betty is looking into Mary, John, Latika, and Carlos alongside Kyle (Ryan McCartan), a local reporter who's under Akrida mind control. Now, Betty has viewers on high alert. "Might want to watch out for Betty. She could cause some trouble," said Twitter user @JenniferEWatts. At this point in the story, Betty teaming up with Kyle doesn't exactly bode well for her character. "Okay, I absolutely hate Betty, she's got bad intentions," wrote Reddit u/Tourniquet_91, who added in another comment, "And she's working with The Akrida. Double not good."

Naturally, fans are hoping that Betty and Kyle's alliance is short-lived. "Betty is annoying AF. She and Kyle can go," wrote Twitter user @Hvstmn1984. With all of those factors working against her, it makes sense why Betty isn't exactly a fan-favorite at the moment.