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Seinfeld Fans Catch Themselves Saying This Iconic Puddy One-Liner All The Time

Not too long ago, "Seinfeld" was one of the biggest shows on television, which is surprising considering a few major things about it. First and foremost, it doesn't really have an overarching plot, and on top of that, the characters aren't particularly likable. They do and say some pretty bad stuff throughout the show's run and constantly complain about even the most minor of inconveniences. Even still, the likes of George Costanza (Jason Alexander) and Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) are pop culture icons at this point, and their mundane misadventures have become the stuff of TV legend.

Any "Seinfeld" fan will tell you that one of the primary reasons why the series has stuck around after all these years is its quotability. Decades after they graced the airwaves for the first time, such lines as "These pretzels are making me thirsty," "Here's to feeling good all the time," and "Hello, Newman," among countless others, are just as widely recognized today as they were decades ago. In fact, if one really wanted to, it wouldn't be hard to rattle off a bunch of iconic quotes for each prominent "Seinfeld" character.

Case in point, David Puddy (Patrick Warburton, who once had everyone cracking up during a "Seinfeld" table read): the bumbling, oblivious, on-and-off romantic partner of Elaine, who has several quotable lines to his credit. However, among some "Seinfeld" fans, this one-liner has seen the most frequent use.

'Yeah, that's right'

In October 2022, Redditor u/ApprehensiveCold9264 came to the "Seinfeld" fandom with a question: "What's something you quote from the show every single day?" The community tossed out a handful of classics, but David Puddy's famous one-liner, "Yeah, that's right," stood out as a top pick. For instance, u/Icy-Following-3713 and u/Geoff579 both brought it up, with numerous folks stopping by to upvote the latter, seemingly in agreement. u/mikesterrr5 even commented, "I barely say yes anymore" — a sentiment that many in the "Seinfeld" Reddit community likely share.

Unsurprisingly, the online love for Patrick Warburton's delivery of "Yeah, that's right," as Puddy isn't limited to Reddit. In May 2021, a YouTube user gifted "Seinfeld" fans with a "Yeah, that's right," compilation, putting some of his best uses of the phrase into one convenient place. "Seinfeld" viewers in the comments voiced their appreciation for the video, but that's not all. A handful of users found it fascinating that despite "Yeah, that's right," enduring as Puddy's signature line, Elaine Benes used it quite often herself. Puddy's use of it must have rubbed off on her after a while.

Warburton's character will go down as one of the funniest characters to ever appear on "Seinfeld," and it's too bad we didn't see more Puddy on "Seinfeld." More than likely, the majority of fans wouldn't argue against either of those points. Evidently, most would just nod in agreement and say, "Yeah, that's right."