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Workaholics Bloopers Funnier Than The Original Scene

There are plenty of bro comedies out there, but none quite like "Workaholics." The hilarious Comedy Central sitcom centers around three college dropouts — Adam (Adam DeVine), Anders (Anders Holm), and Blake (Blake Anderson) — who slack off as much as possible at their boring office job so they can have some real fun, whether that involves taking drugs, doing keg stands, or trying to get girls. On paper, it might not sound like a great show, but each episode is packed with so many jokes and ridiculous situations that it's hard not to love it.

The cast of "Workaholics," which also includes standout performances from the likes of Jillian Bell, Maribeth Monroe, Erik Griffin, and Billy Stevenson, get along so well that they're able to improvise and come up with some truly hilarious scenes. There are many moments during filming that have them in stitches, but sometimes these outtakes don't make the final cut, despite being a very tight butthole. Luckily, we can still watch some of those bloopers online, so let's check out the ones that are actually funnier than the original scenes.

Adam flubs his line so many times, he and Blake start singing the theme song

In Season 5, Episode 3 ("Speedo Racer"), Adam and Blake help Ders beat his high school swim team rival in a race. Toward the beginning of the episode, there's a scene when Adam and Blake reveal the main reason they want to help Ders during the high school swim team reunion: to get chicks. In an outtake, Adam keeps messing up his line during their conversation, prompting him to stare directly into the camera and shake his head.

Blake delivers his next line, "You know, you gotta have the perfect outfit for these sort of things," however by this point, Adam has broken character and is purely goofing around and he adds in a funny voice, "You gots to look fancy." It isn't long before Blake, Adam, and some crew members give up on the scene and start singing, "You gotta be fresh," from the show's theme song.

The guys keep making weird noises until Maribeth Monroe breaks into laughter

Adam, Blake, and Ders are all ready to have a fish fry in Season 4, Episode 2 ("Fry Guys") — which is considered to be one of the show's best episodes. There's just one big problem: Alice's (Monroe) boyfriend broke up with her and now she's in a terrible mood. When she sees that the guys are planning to have a fish fry in the break room, she loses her temper. She says they're wasting time and will be staying late for the rest of the week — and there will be no fish fry!

The guys are so shocked and disappointed that they have no words. Instead, they respond by gasping and exclaiming, "Ugh!" one after the other. In the outtakes, this goes on for so long that their gasps get more and more exaggerated, eventually turning into moans and other hilariously weird noises. Monroe starts smiling and laughing, saying, "Okay, just calm down," but the guys keep on going, despite the break in character.

Adam says that his penis is going into hibernation, making Anders break character

After Alice tells the guys they can't have a fish fry in Season 4, Episode 2 ("Fry Guys"), they take matters into their own hands. They go back to their cubicle to figure out how to make their dreams of crispy breaded fish a reality. Since the reason Alice has been grumpier than usual lately is that she's newly single, Blake and Ders come up with a foolproof plan to cheer her up: hire a gigolo to seduce her. Once she's in a better mood, they're convinced she'll say yes to the fish fry.

Adam doesn't entirely agree with the plan, though, and he thinks he should be the one to make the move on Alice. To prove his point, he prepares to reveal himself to the guys, but then chickens out at the last second. In the blooper, Adam starts improvising lines, saying that "it's hibernating" and he'll show them tomorrow instead. Blake tells Ders to put that on the calendar so they can remember. Ders pretends to make a note of it on the calendar but ends up breaking character because he can't hold back his laughter.

Maribeth Monroe accidentally slams the door in Jillian Bell's face

We all know that Alice is no stranger to losing her temper. As the senior sales associate at TelAmeriCorp, she's stressed out most of the time and takes it out on anyone who crosses her path. That's not so great for Jillian since she's Alice's assistant and spends a lot of time around her.

During an episode in Season 5, Alice has just gone on an angry rant and announces, "I am out," before storming off. Jillian tries to be tough like Alice, saying, "I am also out," then follows closely behind her. It's at this moment in the blooper that Monroe slams a door right in Bell's face. She nearly runs into it, but somehow manages to stay in character, awkwardly stopping and looking unsure of what to do next. Even though the moment seems unplanned, it could have been great in the episode — being rude to her co-workers fits Alice's character to a T.

Adam keeps messing up his line, so he starts making weird noises and then runs off

When the boys hear that TelAmeriCorp is having a blood drive competition in Season 5, Episode 8 ("Blood Drive"), they initially aren't very stoked about it. Then Alice says that martial artist and action film legend Dolph Lundgren will be visiting the branch that donates the most pints of blood, which changes everything. The trio becomes determined to donate as much blood as possible so they can win the competition, but that's easier said than done.

The nurses don't let Adam donate more than one pint of blood, so he decides to dress up as his co-worker Waymond (Waymond Lee) to trick them into letting him donate again. The next time he sees Waymond, he takes his glasses and shirt to put his plan into action — at least, that's what happens in the original scene. In the outtakes, Adam messes up his line so many times while talking to Waymond that he gives up and starts making noises with his tongue instead. Then, to make things even weirder, he just runs off. You never really know what Adam's going to do next, and that's one of the many reasons why we love him.

Blake accidentally says he hates Black cops instead of black ops and Adam starts making fun of him

The guys love playing video games — except when they're playing against "DeputyDong." After he destroys them at a game and calls them some nasty names in Season 4, Episode 12 ("DeputyDong"), they decide to get some payback. They've never met him in real life, but that doesn't stop them from finding out where he lives and going to his house to confront him. As if that wasn't chaotic enough, they discover he's a cop and the whole squad is at his house following the funeral of one of their fellow officers.

By this point, Blake has already snuck in and been found out, so Ders and Adam have to get him out of there. They pretend to be black ops and tell the cops they're there to capture and waterboard Blake, who is a vicious criminal. When DeputyDong insists on watching the waterboarding, it becomes clear the guys have no idea what they're doing.

In the blooper, right before Ders and Adam are about to pour water on Blake, he yells, "I hate Black cops!" They give him a confused look and Adam says, "Oh no, don't say that..." Blake doesn't even realize he said the wrong line until Adam reminds him it's "black ops." Adam continues, "Unless Blake, the character, is racist," and the whole situation is so absurd that they all start laughing. Sorry Blake, but that's a chop.

The guys can't help but laugh as they play with a prop penis

Some things in the show are the same in real life: the trio's first names, the fact that they're all friends, and they find penis jokes hilarious. In Season 4, Episode 5 ("Three and a Half Men"), Alice asks them to make a video to help TelAmeriCorp bring in more business. Of course, they end up choosing to make the most bizarre and inappropriate video possible for the occasion: filming Karl (Kyle Newacheck) as he willingly has his penis removed and attached to Blake's.

Near the end of the episode, there's a scene when Karl tells the guys he wants an erection one last time before the surgery. In the outtakes, one of them smacks the prop penis, then starts stretching it out. Another one of them grabs the prop and stretches it out so far that they start strumming it like a guitar.

Adam is surprised to see a crew member still setting things up

Blake, Adam, and Ders head back to college in Season 5, Episode 1 ("Dorm Daze"). They're visiting the campus to recruit college students for TelAmeriCorp, but the seemingly simple task turns into a crazy adventure. Adam learns that some of his favorite adult videos were filmed on campus, so he sets off to find the famous dorm room where so many of the scenes took place.

In the original scene, he finds the dorm room and goes inside. No one is there, so he scopes the room out and is shocked that it doesn't look the way it does in the videos. In the blooper, however, things go in a much different direction. Adam finds the room and goes inside, but realizes that a crew member is still setting things up in there. Adam and the crew worker both exclaim, "Oh, s***!" and everyone starts laughing. They couldn't use it in the show for obvious reasons, but it's funny to see the cast's genuine reactions to such an unexpected situation.