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25 Best Workaholics Episodes Ranked

Portraying the lives of three rarely sober friends living in Rancho Cucamonga, California, "Workaholics" was the preeminent stoner comedy from 2011-2017 (via IMDb). Though it never got the accolades of other sitcoms like "The Office" or "Modern Family," it did develop a serious cult following. The series revolves around three roommates — Anders Holmvik, Blake Henderson, and Adam DeMamp — and their wild drug and alcohol-fueled shenanigans both on and off the clock at their telemarketing jobs.

The show was co-created by Blake Anderson, Adam Devine, and Anders Holm (who share the first names of their characters), along with Kyle Newacheck, who plays drug dealer Karl Hevacheck (via IMDb). Part of the series' success stems from the cast all being good friends in real life, which translates into their on-screen chemistry. 

The guys' friendship goes back to 2006, when Anderson, Devine, Holm, and Newacheck formed the comedy troupe Mail Order Comedy. Their web series "5th Year" — about slacker friends, who are also roommates and co-workers — was seen by a Comedy Central executive, who ordered a season of "Workaholics" based off the series (via Ross Carey). The show took off from there, bringing in a range of A-list guest stars like Liam Hemsworth, Jack Black, and Ben Stiller.

Though the show ended in 2017, it remains popular among long-time fans, as well as those who are discovering it for the first time. So, here are the top 25 "Workaholics" episodes ranked from worst to best, according to IMDb.

Warning: This article includes spoilers.

25. True Dromance (Season 3, Episode 2)

In the classic Season 3 episode "True Dromance," Blake, Anders, and Adam lose their access to marijuana when Karl's dog eats his phone and he becomes unreachable. To make matters worse, they are trying to win the "Humonga Cucamonga Challenge" at their local Rancho Cuca-Pizza restaurant and can't do that sober. Luckily, they find a new source in no-nonsense drug dealer Lisa, who more than exceeds their expectations. The guys also get a chance to hang out with Lori Beth Denberg from "All That" – for the low cost of $250/hr. Eventually, Karl finds out about their infidelity, and the group has a falling out.

Unable to pay Lisa's unexpectedly large bill, the boys are threatened by her dealer boss, Cortez, who turns out to just be Karl in disguise. Karl then surprisingly informs the guys of his plans to quit dealing and go to college. In an effort to stop Karl from attending school, the boys give him the all-you-can eat pizza card they won from Rancho Cuca-Pizza. The gang finally reunites together on a park bench, enjoying a handful of joints. 

Rumer Willis' cameo as Lisa and Karl's hilarious plan to go back to school make "True Dromance" a definite top 25 episode. The idea of Karl going to college is funny enough, but the guys' response that he would be "making the biggest mistake of his life" really puts it over the edge. 

24. Office Campout (Season 1, Episode 3)

"Office Campout" starts off with Blake pulling a baby cockroach out of Anders' ear, and it only gets better from there. Their entire house turns out to be infested with cockroaches, which Ders blames on Blake and Adam treating it "like the piss ditch at Burning Man." They end up deciding to stay in the office overnight since they are out of other options. Blake brings a large bag of psychedelic mushrooms to this overnight campout in the office and the guys decide to take them. 

They immediately start feeling the effects of the drugs, and disaster soon strikes when they mistake the IT workers doing overnight maintenance for burglars. They panic and attempt to escape off the roof, but Adam accidentally foils this plan. The guys have a brief falling out but quickly reunite and confront the burglars together by spraying them with a fire extinguisher. Luckily, they realize that the supposed burglars are just the IT workers, and the episode ends with everyone enjoying the rest of the magic mushrooms together in the office.

The fact that this entire episode is basically one wild mushroom trip makes "Office Campout" an all-time classic "Workaholics" episode. A number of episodes involve the guys talking about experimenting with psychedelics, so any time we get to see them actually do it is incredibly funny.

23. Brociopath (Season 4, Episode 6)

In Season 4's "Brociopath," the guys end up inviting all of the frat pledges at a bar over to their house to continue the party once last call is served. Unfortunately, Blake forgot to pay the electricity bill, and when they arrive, the house is completely without power. Everyone is about to leave when smooth-talking and mysterious frat bro Stan Halen shows up and brings the good times.

The party turns into a huge rager and the boys start to form a bond with Stan. Eventually the guys tire of Stan's 24/7 party lifestyle, which includes alcohol-soaked tampons plugged into his "south mouth." Adam is the only one who decides to keep partying, but it soon turns dark. Anders and Blake learn that Stan was kicked out of his frat for his creepy and domineering behavior, and they rush home to find Adam trapped in their house with Stan.

Using quick thinking, the boys use Stan's penchant for alcohol against him and rescue Adam. Stan gets taken into custody and the guys go back to their old partying ways. Adam tries to act like the suave version of Stan by taking on his accent and mannerisms, but fails miserably when he can't match Stan's effortless charisma.

The A.V. Club highlighted the episode for "explaining why the guys ... aren't insufferable—they simply don't have it in them to be Stan Halen." This contrast between the guys' desperation and Stan Halen's over-the-top persona make it impossible not to love "Brociopath" as a top "Workaholics" episode.

22. Fry Guys (Season 4, Episode 2)

Season 4's "Fry Guys" is the only "Workaholics" episode that actually features Alice hooking up with one of the gang. That alone makes it belong in the top 25 episodes, and it helps that it is incredibly funny too. The episode starts with Blake accidentally killing all of his adopted koi fish. To honor his "koi boys," he decides to hold a fish fry at the office and eat his deceased friends.

Alice shoots down their idea of the fish fry, and the guys conclude it must be because she is sexually frustrated. They hold a series of interviews at the office to try to find a hookup for Alice, but they fail to find a suitable candidate. That is, until they meet former stripper Girthquake, who enthralls Blake and Anders with his sizable assets and they immediately pick him to seduce Alice.

However, things do not quite go as planned, as the boys give Girthquake horrible advice for picking up Alice — like dressing up as a milkman and drenching his pants in water. Anders ends up being the one to pick up Alice in a bar, and they have an uncomfortable and brief hookup — which Adam inadvertently witnesses. Even so, Blake still doesn't get to fry his fish after Montez throws them out of the office, so he decides to fry Montez's work items as a revenge.

21. Peyote it Forward (Season 5, Episode 12)

Most of the episodes on "Workaholics" deal with marijuana in one form or another, but "Peyote it Forward" adds psychedelic drugs to that mix. Alice assigns the guys to be the babysitters for Josh, a client's young son, who's spending the day with his dad at work. However, unbeknownst to her, all three of them are high on peyote, which Adam had slipped into their smoothies. 

Neither Blake nor Anders realized they were drinking peyote, and they angrily confront Adam when they find out. He brushes it off, telling them he got the idea from Joe Rogan. Blake and Anders respond by asking why he did not "Seth Rogen them" instead, and Adam reminds them that they "Seth Rogen" themselves all day, every day. 

The guys try to take care of Josh while navigating a peyote trip. They also have to deal with seeing future versions of themselves, some of which turn out to be less than flattering. Eventually, the guys find themselves inside a huge warehouse full of mirrors, which they destroy as a result of their hallucinations. It turns out the mirrors belong to Josh's dad, who agrees to pay for them since he thinks that Josh is responsible for their destruction. The peyote trip makes this a classic "Workaholics" episode, and the sub-plot of taking care of Josh is the icing on the cake. 

20. TAC in the Day (Season 5, Episode 13)

Season 5's "TAC in the Day" stands out as a relatively unique episode in "Workaholics." It features two of the series' biggest guest stars — Mark McGrath and Tom Arnold — and mostly takes place in a flashback. The guys' jobs are all in jeopardy after one of the cleaning crew goes ballistic after inadvertently eating an edible — which gets traced back to the guys' cubicle. However, when Alice moves to fire them, the guys remind her of their "one time only, you can't fire us card." The episode then turns into a flashback of when the guys started at TelAmeriCorp.

Tom Arnold plays George, the old boss of TAC, who enlists the guys to make a series of viral video parodies to replace the old and boring training guide. At the time, Alice is an anti-establishment partier and the coolest person in the office (she's sleeping with Mark McGrath), who's leaving for another job. Desperate for her to stay, the guys sabotage George by showing an adult film starring him with co-worker Bill's wife instead of the new office training video. George is fired and Alice takes over, immediately turning cold and vindictive when she becomes the new boss.

Back in the present, the guys remind Alice of how she got her job thanks to them, but she still decides to fire them. That is, until Adam reminds her of the time she hooked up with Anders in the office, so the guys get to remain at TAC after all. Arnold's cameo and their parody of several mid-2000s viral videos make "TAC in the Day" a surefire top-25 "Workaholics" episode.

19. Weed the People (Season 7, Episode 2)

"Weed the People" is another episode with a big guest star: Dennis Quaid, who plays Alice's father Ted Murphy. Topher Grace also appears in the episode as Noel, a big time drug dealer who supplies Karl. Ted has a new invention, the smoke cutter, which the guys start selling at TelAmeriCorp. The device does not sell very well, until the guys start packaging marijuana with it — at which point it starts flying off the shelves. 

In order to get enough marijuana to fill the orders, the guys turn to Noel, but he decides to triple the price on them unexpectedly. Alice finds out about the marijuana being sold with the smoke cutter, but because it finally means that her father's invention is selling, she is reluctant to put a stop to it. At the same time, she and Adam are pretending to be in a relationship, which Alice puts a stop to after Adam takes things too far. 

Eventually, Ted learns the truth about his invention, but embraces a new use for his smoke cutter as a pipe — which makes it successful in the end. Quaid and Grace's guest roles are some of the funniest in the series, ensuring a place for "Weed the People" on this list of the 25 best "Workaholics" episodes. 

18. Webcam Girl (Season 3, Episode 15)

In Season 3's "Webcam Girl," it's Valentine's Day and the guys are collectively without a date — again — a trend that is becoming all too familiar for them. After striking out conclusively at their local bar, the guys end up surfing the web and find an adult webcam site offering them the chance to get to know "real chicks." They fall in love with one of the models, JustAnna, and decide to "go private" with her to get her away from all the other creeps on the site.

The guys end up becoming obsessed with JustAnna and spend every moment on cam with her. They become so obsessed with her that they try to log on to the website at work, hilariously convincing Alice her ex-husband is in the parking lot just so they can use her computer. After maxing out their credit cards, the guys are banned from the website, so they go down to the building JustAnna works at to rescue her. 

They end up finding a huge warehouse of adult webcam workers and finally meet Anna in person. But Anna turns out to be too much of a "real chick" for them, and they decide to try their luck at the bar again. Once again they strike out, showing they have learned nothing by continuing to treat women poorly. The guys' outrageous behavior in the bar and their hilarious pick-up lines are more than enough reason for inclusion of "Webcam Girl" as a top episode. 

17. In Line (Season 3, Episode 19)

In Season 3's "In Line," Blake is trying to score the newest video game that is being released at midnight, but he needs to get in line early to beat the rush. Unfortunately, he has to cover for Alice's assistant Jillian, so he can't just leave work and put a dummy in his place like he planned.

He asks Adam to wait in line for him, but when Adam gets nearby, he mistakes heroin addicts for cosplaying zombies, and instead he stands in line for a clean needle exchange instead of the game. He ends up unknowingly smoking PCP with the addicts and nearly gets robbed before making a quick escape. Blake gets to the store and finds Adam was never in line, but a huge scuffle breaks out and the game ends up not being released after all.

Meanwhile, Anders is at home trying to hook up with newfound flame Jenny, but Karl interrupts their night. Jenny realizes that Anders is just putting on an act to hook up with her, and she convinces him and Karl that she wants a threesome. But instead of hooking up with them, she makes Karl and Anders get uncomfortably close, before leaving them both in bed alone.

Jenny's trickery of Karl and Anders is one of the most classic "Workaholics" moments in the series. Anders hate Karl, but is willing to do anything to be with Jenny. It makes this one of show's funniest scenes, in this episode that The AV Club called "repulsive-yet-consistently-funny." 

16. Ders Comes in Handy (Season 3, Episode 9)

In "Ders Comes in Handy," the guys are at their local grocery store innocently doing some shopping when Anders finds himself cornered by a woman in one of the aisles. Out of nowhere, she hooks up with him, much to his surprise. Only belatedly does he find out the mysterious woman was in fact his co-worker Montez's wife, Colleen (Alex Borstein).

Montez starts to suspect something is going on with his wife after overhearing her on the phone, and he enlists the help of the guys to figure out who she is having an affair with. Anders realizes he's the problem, but both Blake and Adam are oblivious. They spy on Montez's wife to figure who the culprit is, before it is revealed that Anders is the one they are looking for. Instead of taking responsibility, he instead blames the affair on Karl. 

Karl and Montez have an epic showdown before Montez finally learns the truth. However, in a hilarious twist, Montez does not care about anything over the pants, as he and Colleen have an agreement of that being okay.

Borstein's cameo is incredible and the entire fight scene between Montez and Karl is classic. It is one of the funniest episodes centered around a secondary character, which makes it an easy choice for our list. 

15. Temp-Tress (Season 2, Episode 3)

Season 2's "Temp-Tress" features guest star Nicky Whelan as Naomi, the new attractive temporary worker at TelAmeriCorp. The guys are set to host a WrestleMania 28 viewing party at their house, but their big screen TV goes out of commission. Luckily, the guys are presented with the golden opportunity of winning a new refrigerator-TV combo from work if one of them can be the top salesman for the day.

However, Naomi's presence causes the guys to completely lose focus. Instead of selling, they spend all of their time fantasizing about Naomi and rush to Anders' car to relieve some tension, so they can regain focus on the task at hand. And they're not the only ones: Even Jillian starts to take an unhealthy interest in the new temp.

In the end, the guys win the refrigerator. They offer it to Naomi, and ask her to pick which one of them she wants to date. Bewildered and disgusted, Naomi says she is not interested in any of them and drives off in a fury. The guys get to hold their WrestleMania party using the refrigerator-TV, only to have it break down just as the event starts.

The scene of the guys trying to maintain boundaries in Ders' car while crossing all sorts of lines is the true highlight of the episode. In fact, it's one of the funniest scenes of the series, which easily pushes "Temp-Tress" into the top 15 episodes of "Workaholics."

14. Teenage Mutant Ninja Roommate (Season 2, Episode 7)

In "Teenage Mutant Ninja Roommate," Montez is having a party at his neighborhood pool and everyone from TelAmeriCorp is invited. The guys find out that Montez got a "two year pay-bump" from Alice to afford his beautiful house in this nice neighborhood. At the party, Alice gets intoxicated after two years of sobriety, and in this state, she agrees to do the same for the guys. All they have to do is show up the next morning and get Alice to sign the paperwork — a task that becomes nearly impossible.

They find themselves fleeing from the neighborhood security guard after crashing into someone's garage, and they become trapped in the sewers below. They each take on a persona of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, with Anders reluctantly being cast as the uptight Donatello. During their time in the sewers, the guys realize they have all been stealing from each other, and they have a brief falling out. 

A broken sewage line spraying them with its horrible contents causes them to patch things back up, and they escape back to the office just in time to talk with Alice. Unfortunately, a sober Alice no longer agrees to the pay bump, and the guys realize their time in the sewers was for nothing.

The entire episode acts almost like a parody of a heist film, with the guys trying to outwit security and escape from the neighborhood undetected. It is one of the more unique "Workaholics" episodes, and definitely worthy of this list.

13. Alice Quits (Season 3, Episode 13)

Hoping to get a pay raise to afford her vacation to Mexico, Alice lets the guys have an Airsoft gun war in the office after they give her excellent marks on her evaluation. The office has transformed into an urban combat war zone when Alice's superior, Travis, shows up and her ratings-for-play scheme is revealed. Travis sends Alice home for the day and takes over her position, implementing widespread changes to make the office more productive.

The guys are separated and forced to stop sharing a cubicle. Even worse, Travis foils their plans to smoke weed on the job — and decrees they are not "real men." Travis' authoritarian ways soon turn the rest of the office against him, and the guys use his own tactics against him to make him blow a huge sales call. Alice then gets reinstated as boss, and still gets to take her vacation.

The guys versus Travis feud is one of the best in the series, and truly shows the depravity the guys will go to in order to win. Both Travis and the guys flash each other in separate scenes, trying to prove who is manlier, and the entire ordeal is sickeningly hilarious. 

12. Beer Heist (Season 4, Episode 8)

In Season 4's "Beer Heist," the guys head to the local liquor store to pick up some brews for the night. Outside the store, they meet a group of attractive 19-year-old girls, who ask them to buy beer for them. Sensing the opportunity to impress these women, the guys opt instead to steal some kegs from a delivery truck parked outside the store.

Adam and Blake sneak into the truck and as they start arguing over how to take the kegs, the truck pulls away with them trapped inside. Anders and the girls follow behind in his car, tracking the truck's route and of course, catching beers that Adam and Blake toss them through the moonroof. Blake and Adam get locked in a giant beer warehouse and spend their time arguing over who's hotter for the chicks instead of focusing on their goal of getting "infinity beers" for the women.

Meanwhile, Anders' approach of "negging" and talking down to the girls in an effort to get them to like him fails since it's off-putting and awkward. In the end, the guys don't get the girls or the beer, and instead end up all breaking their legs after jumping from the warehouse ledge.

The best part of the episode is Anders' terrible efforts of trying to impress the girls. He is completely unable to be charming, which creates one of the funniest failed pickup attempts in the series.

11. Gayborhood (Season 5, Episode 5)

In "Gayborhood," TelAmeriCorp is holding a team-building day led by Teddy (played by Jerry O'Connell), and the guys need to work together to win the ultimate prize of a weekend at a timeshare in Palm Springs, California. At first, the guys are confident in their friendship, but cracks start to develop after a night of hard partying.

The guys mistakenly think their neighbor's gay pride party is actually a Pride MMA party. They crash the event and ruin it when they get too drunk. After blacking out, the three of them wake up in bed together, and all signs point to them having had sex with each other the night before. They reevaluate their relationships as friends and roommates, and struggle in the team-building competition, since anything with close physical contact makes them feel uncomfortable.

They realize they need to repair their broken relationship if they want to win, so they each reveal a truth about events in their past to reconcile with each other and patch things up. They end up winning the competition, and they apologize to the pride party hosts about their bad behavior. The hosts then reveal the truth: They pranked the guys into thinking they slept together as pay-back for Adam, Blake, and Ders' obnoxious antics at the party. Relieved, the guys immediately go back to their insensitive and partying ways.

The Pride MMA versus gay pride misunderstanding is one of the most clever jokes in "Workaholics." This, combined with the episode's focus on the depth (or not) of the guys' friendship, truly makes "Gayborhood" a top episode.

10. Front Yard Wrestling (Season 5, Episode 2)

In "Front Yard Wrestling," the guys are short on rent, and decide to put on a wrestling show in their front yard to try and make some extra money. Unfortunately, things turn south when a couple of pre-teens steal $100 from them and escape. So, the guys decide to put on an even bigger event, which gets aired on public access TV.

However, their co-worker Bill has his own successful public access show, and they run afoul of him when they kick him out of the top spot on TV. A vengeful Bill informs Del about the wrestling tournament, and he threatens to evict the guys if they go through with it and do not pay the rent immediately. The guys go ahead with the wrestling match anyway, but Del crashes it and starts beating up Adam and Blake.

The guys are able to reverse the match and defeat Del, and it is revealed that they had planned this whole final event together. The guys' wrestling characters are absolutely hilarious, with Adam being "Cat-am", Blake portraying an indigenous Alaskan, and Ders parodying a Vince McMahon-esque manager. They pay the late rent to Del, only to realize next month's rent is due in just a few days. 

Ben Stiller plays the landlord Del in one of the show's best cameos, thanks to his hilarious dialogue and great chemistry with the guys, which makes "Front Yard Wrestling" an unforgettable "Workaholics" episode.

9. Party Gawds (Season 7, Episode 10)

The series finale is one of only two episodes from Season 7 on this list. It is incredibly hilarious and serves as a fitting end to the series, which makes it a necessary inclusion for the top 10. "Party Gawds" revolves around the guys' transformation from ordinary partiers to social media superstars. The guys rig up a device to smoke marijuana in their front yard and get noticed by some people, which leads to them blowing up on social media as party gods. This prompts the marketing head of Bango Energy Drinks to sign the guys as influencers.

The guys quit their jobs at TelAmeriCorp to become full-time partiers and influencers for Bongo. But the good times soon turn sour when the all-day partying starts to take its toll on each of the guys. Blake becomes disheartened when one of his fans breaks his legs trying to impress him, and he shaves off his massive head of hair in rebellion.

The guys have a huge fight and falling out, which gets resolved when previously silent co-worker Waymond Wamono speaks for the first time in the series and reminds them of their true friendship. They inform the Bango executive that they are done with the company, and return to their former life. The episode — and series — ends with them on their roof sharing a joint, seemingly breaking the fourth wall to talk about their individual growth. 

8. Wolves of Rancho (Season 6, Episode 1)

The only episode from Season 6 to make our list, "Wolves of Rancho" features three of the series' biggest guest stars: Liam Hemsworth, Pauly Shore, and Dane Cook. Their presence alone makes this one of the best episodes of all time. 

Cushing (Hemsworth) and JP (Cook) are salesmen from the Van Nuys TeliAmeriCorp across town, who convince the guys to come work in their office. The guys are quickly taken in with the formal décor and outgoing attitudes of Cushing and JP. The guys become telemarketing superstars, dedicating themselves to the job like never before. They earn the respect of JP and even get to "wheeze the juice" with Pauly Shore.

It's revealed that JP and Alice used to be married, and he wanted the boys to defect from the TAC in Rancho Cucamonga, so he could use them to take over Alice's branch. The boys agree to help, but it turns out that Alice and Cushing were in cahoots the entire time, and JP ends up losing his job instead. The guys are given their jobs back after begging Alice, before inadvertently walking in on her and Cushing hooking up in the office.

7. Man Up (Season 2, Episode 9)

After the guys have to be rescued by Jillian during a fight at a bar, they decide to go on a weekend hunting trip to prove to themselves that they are real men. They buy a crossbow, listen to metal music, and use manly Lowry-brand seasonings on their burgers.

Yet, the guys are unable to fix their car once the battery dies, and they have to limp it into the local town to get it replaced. While they are there, they accidentally kill a drifter's raccoon, and he kidnaps Anders and their car as revenge. Anders and the drifter start to hit it off since Anders develops Stockholm syndrome, and Adam and Blake rescue him with the aid of a stolen car and the crossbow.

Although they'd earlier deemed a Rihanna concert not manly enough to attend, they decide to go after all. At the concert, they get into another confrontation with a middle-aged father and his children. Jillian once again bails them out by channeling her alter-ego from high school — "The Dad Ruiner."

Jillian bailing out the guys time and again is a tradition on "Workaholics." Her doing so in "Man Up" is one of the best, as she absolutely terrifies an innocent old man and his children by going ballistic on them at a Rihanna concert. 

6. To Friend a Predator (Season 1, Episode 8)

In "To Friend a Predator," the guys set up a sting operation to catch a potential predator named Topher (Chris D'Elia), who has infiltrated a Justin Bieber fan site. Both Jillian and Blake are already members on the site, but they pretend to be pre-teens, so people don't think they're weird. Jillian and Blake become targets of Topher, so the guys arrange a meeting with Topher to put a stop to his predatory behavior.

However, when Topher shows up, the guys get distracted by the fact that he has drugs, and they forget the real purpose for the meeting. Topher gets them into a fancy club and they find themselves taking advantage of what he has to offer. However, they feel conflicted about his clearly problematic behaviors, and eventually turn him over to the authorities to clear their consciences.

When "To Friend a Predator" originally aired in 2011, fans embraced it as a dark and funny episode (via IMDb). But in 2020, the episode came under new scrutiny, after D'Elia was accused of sexually harassing underage women online, according to a story by The Los Angeles Times. As a result, the episode was pulled from most streaming services (via Deadline), which makes this one of the more controversial and complicated episodes of "Workaholics."

5. Friendship Anniversary (Season 4, Episode 13)

In the finale of Season 4, the guys realize that they have been living together for 7 years and are now considered common law married, so they hold a special dinner to celebrate. However, things go awry when Anders runs out of clean dishes and has to put his specially prepared Norwegian food in old KFC buckets. Blake and Adam become irate when they realize it is not in fact KFC in the buckets, but traditional Norwegian delicacies like kjøttkaker and fiskesuppe.

The house gets thoroughly destroyed in the ensuing argument, and the guys all storm off in a rage after deciding to disband their friendship forever. Soon, the crushing loneliness of not having each other starts to sink in, but the guys refuse to admit it to each other out of pride. Instead, they all return to the house to collect their things and split the security deposit, but discover that their earlier food fight has created a catastrophic rat infestation. The guys bond while getting rid of hundreds of mice, and they realize they still want to remain friends after all, so they re-sign the lease. 

"Friendship Anniversary" is definitely one of the top episodes of "Workaholics." The misunderstanding of the KFC, Adam yelling "rat splat!" during the rat massacre, and Ders getting pushed over inside a porta-potty all make it impossible to exclude it from this best-of list. 

4. Dorm Daze (Season 5, Episode 1)

If there is one thing Adam Demamp is obsessed with, it's pornography, and "Dorm Daze" is an ode to that unhealthy infatuation — making it one of the most iconic "Workaholics" episodes of all time. The guys need to collect signatures at a local college to get new TelAmeriCorp employees, but once they get there, Adam realizes the campus was also the setting of his favorite porn movie, "Dorm Daze." Unable to contain himself, he immediately goes off in search of the rooms where his favorite scenes were filmed.

Blake ends up falling in with the local thespian crowd before getting pressured to star in an adult film himself. Anders gets into a recruitment war with the Coast Guard recruiting booth, and has an intimate and inappropriate experience with a dog — which he enjoys a little too much. After wandering into the wrong classroom, Adam learns the truth about the misogyny of the adult film industry, and sets out to destroy the makers of "Dorm Daze."

Eventually, Adam's faith in porn is restored, and the guys get all the recruitment signatures they need. The episode ends with Anders innocently asking if the guys can adopt a dog, though Blake and Adam quickly sense his more nefarious intentions.

3. Real Time (Season 3, Episode 8)

In "Real Time," the guys try to work their way out of a huge catastrophe; if they fail, they will definitely lose their jobs. After getting drunk one afternoon, the guys leave a series of voicemails on Alice's work phone, berating her for her poor leadership and making petty complaints about her appearance. They wake up the next morning in a huge panic after remembering the phone calls, and they race to the office to erase Alice's messages before she gets in. But there is one big problem working against them: They are still very drunk from the evening before.

The guys struggle to make it to work before Alice, who ends up accidentally hitting Adam with her car. They all make it to the office at the same time, and Anders is too late to successfully destroy her phone. Luckily, Jillian comes to the rescue by unwittingly deleting all of the messages. 

The episode concludes with the guys on the roof, once again calling Alice while drunk, but luckily, this time Adam uses his alter-ego "Not Adam" to disguise their real identity. The episode is classic "Workaholics" with its hilarious look at the guys' seemingly simple journey from home to work becoming more complicated by the minute — plus, it features Adam in rollerblades.

2. Flashback in the Day (Season 3, Episode 10)

"Flashback in the Day" is the origin story for "Workaholics," which looks back at how the guys originally became friends in college. As such, it is a no brainer as top-ranked episode. The episode takes place in 2006, when Adam and Blake are roommates during their first year in college, and Anders is the RA on their floor. 

The guys are completely different as freshmen from how they are as we know them. Blake has never tried marijuana and is obsessed with being a thespian; Adam is dating an evangelical high schooler and proposes to her; and Anders is focused on his life on the swim team, so he's completely uptight and by-the-book. Adam and Blake quickly hit it off and become friends, and they are initially very antagonistic towards Ders. Yet, when a prank goes too far and Ders loses his swimming scholarship as a result, the guys all come together and throw a party to raise money for his tuition.

After that party gets out of hand, the guys get kicked off campus. This leads them to take a flier from a TelAmeriCorp booth and search for their new house, bringing us back to the beginning of the show.

1. Business Trip (Season 3, Episode 1)

For many fans, the only choice for the No. 1 episode of "Workaholics" is the premiere of Season 3, "Business Trip." Not only does it have some of the best jokes in the series, but it also shows the guys and Alice embarking on a life-changing drug trip. The episode begins with the guys planning on taking acid together "as a friendship family," but Ders gets called to go on a business trip with Alice, so he postpones the other trip.

Blake, Adam, and Karl all show up at his hotel — acid in tow — and inform Ders of their plans to take it after the business trip is over. But in another unexpected turn, the guys end up sharing the acid with Alice and potential client Gayle, who's ready to party. Everyone ends up having a freak out, except Adam, whose dose turns out to be bad, and Ders, who faked taking his in the first place.

The entire group goes wild at the hotel, and of all people, non-TelAmeriCorp employee Karl is the one to get Gayle to agree to do business with Alice. Ders finally decides to take his tab just prior to the ride home, but then gets saddled with the driving duties — after he had already dosed. The "Business Trip" is "Workaholics" in its finest form and undoubtedly, one of the most unforgettable episodes of the show.