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Who Is American Pickers' Mike Wolfe's Girlfriend Leticia Cline?

"American Pickers" is currently back in full swing over on History, and with it comes another year of Mike Wolfe's shenanigans, both on-screen and on social media. If you've been following the reality star over the past couple of years on Instagram, then you've probably noticed that a certain someone keeps popping up in his stories and in his feed. Well, we're here to tell you everything about her.

The woman's name is Leticia Cline and she's Wolfe's reported girlfriend. Cline has shared cute photos of them together on her own Instagram, including one of them cuddling up together at a Jack White concert, which caught the attention of the tabloids. This came as "American Pickers" was set to film with White for a January 2023 two-part special. The first part aired Wednesday, January 11, while the second episode of the special was set aside for January 25.

According to reports, Wolfe and Cline have been dating since August 2021. The relationship began after Wolfe's wife, Jodi Faeth, filed for divorce from him in 2020. While Cline's celebrity status isn't as big as Wolfe's, she's involved in the same industry and has her fingers in plenty of other pies, too. Here's what we know about the Kentucky native.

Cline ran for mayor of her Kentucky town

According to her Instagram bio, Leticia Cline is someone who wears many hats in both her life and career. She's described as a "writer, motorcycle racer, heritage tourism preservationist, cancer survivor, retired politician & proud Kentuckian." She has also done some modeling in the past (appearing in Playboy five times) and she has appeared on television, most notably on The WB's "Beauty and The Geek." She was in 10 episodes of the reality series back in 2008. She also has some acting under her belt — she played a character called Trixie in the 2020 Guy Pearce-led film "Disturbing the Peace."

In 2022, the Cave City, Kentucky native decided to run for mayor of her hometown after being elected to the city council, but she lost. "I just want to thank the people who believed in me and a vision of what this city could be," Cline said in an Instagram story (via TV Shows Ace). "Though it's not easy to lose, I lost by only 50 votes which says a lot... A woman like me who didn't have the typical political background. At the end of the day if I inspired someone to do something they never thought they could then I've won."

In the aftermath of her election loss, Cline chose to turn her attention to a reality series and television project about Kentucky. The show, which has already been filmed but has yet to find a home, follows her as she explores the Bluegrass State on her motorcycle. She wrote on Instagram that interest in the project had made her want to create more content and go on more taped adventures. Chances are we'll be seeing a lot more of Leticia Cline in the future.