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The Last Of Us Fans Are In Complete Awe Of Nick Offerman's Episode 3 Performance

It is always interesting to see how people handle theoretical doomsday scenarios. Some may panic and look towards the nearest authority figure for guidance, some might react calmly and intelligently, and some may have created a hidden bunker in their basement filled with guns, ammunition, and supplies to survive the death of society as it is currently known. "The Last of Us" highlights that last option to an exceptional degree in the most recent episode, and Bill (Nick Offerman) not only survives the collapse of the world, but does so with a fair amount of technical skill and planning.

Hiding out as soldiers sweep his house, Bill quickly leaps into action upon realizing that his neighborhood has been cleared of survivors and that he is the only one remaining. This leads Bill to raid several locations — like a home improvement store and liquor store — for additional equipment and supplies. Bill then fortifies not only his house but also creates a perimeter around his block that involves deadly traps, surveillance, and electrified fences. Entirely self-sufficient, Bill eventually ensnares Frank (Murray Bartlett) within a pratfall. Though Bill's paranoia tries to keep Frank away, Frank's demeanor and general pleasantness soon get Bill's loner visage to crack, and the two engage in a romantic relationship.

Reddit users think Offerman deserves an award

Throughout Episode 3 of "The Last of Us," Nick Offerman displays a tremendous range of emotions that include jubilation, despair, apprehension, overwhelming joy, and sadness. Starting off as a well-prepared survivalist, Bill's journey shows him become satisfied and feel complete, and at one point, he admits that Frank causes Bill to feel fear for the first time in his life. This isn't to say that Frank is some kind of monster, but rather that Bill's one and only fear is losing Frank. This is the reason why Bill makes that fateful decision, and probably why fans have so thoroughly enjoyed Offerman's multifaceted performance.

Discussing the episode on Reddit, several users brought up Offerman's performance in this most recent episode, with u/screwdrivercat writing, "I loved the softness and vulnerability Nick Offerman brought to Bill. The way he laughed when he tasted the strawberries, calling Frank's pills 'the orangey one [and] the roundly one,' even the awkward way he showed Frank the wine each time before he poured it. He had so much love and light to give." This statement caused u/harrysaxon to reply, "As much as I loved Ron Swanson, I did not ever picture Nick Offerman playing such a nuanced, tender role. Incredible performance." u/Romulus3799 went so far as to claim that Offerman deserves an Emmy for his performance, and specifically mentioned the scene involving the strawberries and the tears Bill sheds while holding Frank's hand. While many Redditors commented on Offerman's skills, those on Twitter largely felt the same way.

Twitter users think Offerman's performance help craft one of the greatest love stories ever

Echoing the same feelings as the above comments, @raykwong tweeted, "Good morning and happy Monday to everyone, especially Nick Offerman, who served up a phenomenal, Emmy-worthy performance in episode 3 of #TheLastOfUs. No spoilers from me, but just know this was one of the greatest love stories in television history." @pokerspudda offered a slightly different take, and posted a GIF of somebody saying they aren't crying, when they clearly are, and they said that this episode of "The Last of Us" emotionally broke them. They then extended a bravo to Offerman for such a stirring performance.

Many others also couldn't help but share their opinion on Offerman's role, with @DKJtheRealist calling Offerman "brilliant." @x_cw also thought that Offerman displays some top-notch acting in "The Last of Us," and @njnic23 said that Offerman's giggle while eating strawberries is worthy of an Emmy by itself. @TxAg97 added, "I didn't play #TheLastOfUs, so all of this is new to me. Episode 3 is the best single episode of television I've seen in a while. And the casting of Nick Offerman for that role was genius. He was incredible." 

Between these thoughts from both Twitter and Reddit, one can definitely sense that many were utterly blown away by Offerman's performance for its tremendous range of emotions over a single episode. Fans were drowning in emotions from start to finish and viewers loved it. If social media is any indication, there is an overwhelming hope that Offerman will be recognized for his heart-wrenching efforts in "The Last of Us."