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Jessica Lange Ranks Her Favorite American Horror Story Seasons

Ryan Murphy's daring anthology series "American Horror Story" introduced a new generation to Hollywood icon Jessica Lange. The scene-stealing actress made her debut in the very first season alongside Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson, who would soon become repeating headliners of the series' cast. Her glorious introduction as the unapologetic Constance Langdon instantly captivated viewers, leaving them wondering what she would do next.

Unfortunately, Lange's time on the series was short lived and she left after Season 4 in 2015 to take off some well deserved time for herself (via Entertainment Weekly). Before leaving, Murphy dedicated the glittering yet horrifying "Freak Show" installment to her as a fitting farewell. Fortunately for viewers, Lange also made a surprising return as Constance for the explosive mash-up season subtitled "Apocalypse" in an unforgettable episode. 

When looking back on the course of her extraordinary "American Horror Story" run, she reveals her favorite scary tale, which season she was less partial to, and even which one she never watched. It's exciting to finally have The Supreme herself definitively rank the series and its various thematic entries. Her choices will definitely surprise diehard fans especially when they read her bewitching answers about her time on TV's darkest drama.

Lange thinks Asylum is the best though she holds a special place in her heart for Freak Show

Constance Langdon, Sister Jude, The Supreme Fiona Goode, and Elsa Mars, all larger-than-life roles but one stands out to Lange above the rest. In a 2019 interview with Gold Derby, she reflects on her characters and their stories to determine her favorite. She ultimately lands on "Asylum" as the best though she has another season she's also extremely proud of.

Lange agrees with the interviewer's particular ranking and adds "Well, I never saw 'Apocalypse' so I don't know. Of the four that I did, I would put them in exactly the order that you just did, 'Asylum' first, 'Freak Show' second, 'Murder House' third, and then 'Coven,' which was the other season that I did in fourth place. But I agree with you. That's exactly how I would rate them." Even fans agree with both on Reddit in emphasizing that "Asylum" is superior though some still name "Coven" their favorite

Lange agrees that while "Coven" was fun, it needed more thrills. "It's funny because actually, I was stunned that year to get the Emmy for that part. But again, the part was very well-written. I didn't particularly like the whole setup and season and story we were telling. But I don't know. It was not my favorite. My very favorite, just from the experience of doing it, was 'Freak Show.' Although, I think 'Asylum' was the better season. But I loved 'Freak Show.'"