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M. Night Shyamalan Explains The Desperation Of The Church Of The Lesser Saints In Servant's Final Season - Exclusive

With the 4th and final season of "Servant" now here, fans will finally be able to discover the resolution of the war between Leanne and the Church of the Lesser Saints. Leanne, now on a dark journey to claim her power, has never been so in command of her capabilities or so intoxicated by them. The season wastes no time setting the stage, with the very first episode showcasing the confrontation between the two forces. The Church finds itself easily outmatched despite strength in numbers, and Leanne sends them home with their rhetorical tails between their legs. As they're determined not to give up, it's guaranteed that we won't see the last of them.

In an exclusive Looper interview with "Servant" executive producer and showrunner M. Night Shyamalan, the auteur details both Leanne's journey in the series' final arc and the Church's inevitable response. He explains that the Church may be outclassed in significant ways, but they're not out of moves ... yet. Most importantly, backs against the wall, they're desperate, which will have relevant consequences for the finale.

The Church won't give up, and neither will Leanne

In the interview, showrunner M. Night Shyamalan confirms — "yes!" — the Church is both outclassed by and refusing to be done with her. Then, he's asked what tools they could even hope to have against an increasingly powerful Leanne. "As this escalates, they're trying everything," he confirms. We can see that in the 1st episode of Season 4, when the Church swarms Leanne outside her home in large (and insufficient) numbers.

Needless to say, they fail. But it's clear they'll try again. "I can't tell you what tools in the toolbox," he continues, "because that's essentially Season 4, but they keep trying innovative ways to accomplish the goal of the war." The interesting element of both Leanne and the Church is that they're each capable of supernatural feats to varying degrees, and both are more than meets the eye. With Leanne's building powers, there's a lot at stake for both sides.

"Season 4 is a biblical war that's happening," Shyamalan explains. He notes that, following the Lesser Saints' Season 4 opening defeat, they have a major question: "How do they get to this person that's growing in their power and impact?" The crux of the season for that faction is that "it's a ticking clock of 'we can't stop her' at a certain point," he summarizes. How will this biblical conflict resolve? We'll see as the season builds to an otherworldly conclusion.

"Servant" Season 4 is available now on Apple TV+.