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Vikings: Valhalla's Camerapeople Had To Wear Helmets For Protection During This Battle Scene

"Vikings" is unquestionably one of the biggest historical dramas of the last decade (via Parrot Analytics). Running for 89 episodes across 6 seasons, the series still managed to be successful, despite the need to remain historically accurate, and the many carefully choreographed fight and battle scenes that a show of its scope requires.

In fact, the series was so successful that Netflix greenlit a follow-up series in the form of "Vikings: Valhalla." With 2 seasons already completed for the spin-off show, the streaming platform clearly feels like there's more gas in the tank for historical epics like this one, and with a third season on the way, it would seem that the company's measurements are sound.

Still, there are many things that the cast and crew have to be aware of with a series like "Vikings: Valhalla" when compared to the trappings of a more standard modern drama series like "Succession" or "Yellowstone," particularly when it comes to the aforementioned battle scenes.

Leo Suter recalls a camera operator wearing a motorcycle helmet

"Vikings: Valhalla" star Leo Suter sat down with Netflix to talk about his experience working on the historical drama and explain how he got so bulked up for the series. However, the actor also got into how intense and frenetic the battle sequences can be to film for the Viking epic.

"I really enjoyed the first battle scene, which is the Battle of Kent, because that's where we see Berserker Harald for the first time," Suter said. "To enter into that space and be surrounded by other actors who are fully committed, you just very quickly feel like a real Viking," the actor continued. "The cameraman even had a motorcycle helmet on to protect him from stray swords and axes."

When the performer explains it that way, it definitely sounds like filming the battle scenes in "Vikings: Valhalla" must help to ground members of the cast and crew in the action. It's also almost certainly better that the camera operators and other crew members are erring on the side of caution rather than risking a potential injury while making the series.