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Harrison Ford Surprised Jason Segel In A Hot Pink Jumpsuit On Set Of Shrinking

Despite starring in perhaps the two biggest action-adventure franchises of all time, veteran actor Harrison Ford has earned a reputation as one of the most deadpan actors in all of Hollywood. Fans have often commented on Ford's gruff demeanor, obvious disdain for interviews, and dry, witty humor. One of the most famous "grumpy Ford' anecdotes comes from his "Star Wars" co-star Mark Hamill, who told Seth Meyers about some advice he received when filming "A New Hope."

Hamill was worried that his hair didn't match the previous scene (in which he, Carrie Fisher, and Ford were trapped inside a filth-covered trash compactor), and Ford bluntly told him: "Hey kid, it ain't that kinda movie." Ford's deadpan humor has been a staple of his personality for nearly 50 years, and there's no question that he is one of the last actors you would ever expect to pull a prank on their co-stars. Shockingly, Harrison Ford did just that on the set of his new Apple TV+ series "Shrinking" — when he surprised his co-star Jason Segel by showing up one day in a hot pink jumpsuit.

Ford caught Segel sneaking onto set in a jumpsuit, and bought one to surprise his co-star

During a recent appearance on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," actor Jason Segel recounted how he started wearing jumpsuits to work while filming "Shrinking." The first day he showed up in his jumpsuit (trying to arrive to set early, so nobody would see him in the embarrassing outfit) he was caught outside his trailer by Harrison Ford — who had showed up even earlier to try and run some lines.

"And [Ford] kept eyeing my jumpsuit. I saw it happening," explained Segel. "And then I said, 'you looking at my jumpsuit Harrison?' and he said 'I sure am kid.' And I felt really embarrassed, like I had been a little emasculated or something by Harrison Ford." Segel then went on to say that he showed up for rehearsal the next day to find Harrison Ford, Indiana Jones himself, waiting for him in a bright pink jumpsuit.

Segel then showed the audience a photo of Ford and himself in their respective jumpsuits, and said that the experience turned the pair into "best friends." Considering the gruff, cranky persona that Ford has cultivated over the years, the fact that he went out of his way to connect with Segel in such a hilarious way is certainly surprising — and proves that there's more than meets the eye with Harrison Ford.