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NCIS Fans Are Thrilled To See Sawyer And Torres Strengthen Their Bond

If you think that law enforcement agents tasked with patrolling naval bases would have a boring job, then you've probably never seen the long-running television series "NCIS." Currently in Season 20, "NCIS" isn't about a bunch of stuffy desk jockeys. Instead, the agents of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service often take a hands-on approach when looking into crimes. In the recent episode "Big Rig," the chaos-causing Agent Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) runs into his friend Agent Dale Sawyer (Zane Holtz) on the streets, but instead of a friendly catch-up, Sawyer is unkempt, paranoid, and covered in blood.

Sawyer explains to Torres that he's deep undercover and says that he is unraveling. Torres replies that he is extremely concerned for Sawyer, and that he wonders if his friend has spent too much time undercover. However, before he's able to fully voice these worries, Sawyer disappears. This sets Torres on an absolutely frenzy to find out what happened to him, even getting snappy with his coworkers when he believes that Sawyer has been killed and stuffed into the trunk of a burning car. Luckily, this fatality isn't Sawyer, but an FBI agent he was working with on his undercover operation. This makes Torres even more concerned about Sawyer's well-being, which inspires him to go undercover himself.

An intense episode full of character development has been a huge success with fans

Eventually finding his way to a trucker bar, Torres begins to investigate the same truckers that Sawyer was looking into. When he starts to ask around, he's immediately greeted by apprehension, but his aggressive actions quickly help him find out what Sawyer was so laser-focused on. The truckers are running potent drugs — the same ones responsible for the death of Sawyer's sister. Resolving to help his friend, Torres stays undercover, though both of their real identities are later exposed. However, Torres is prepared for this turn of events, and just as the two are about to be executed, their fellow NCIS agents arrive on the scene. 

Throughout the entire episode, Torres does everything in his power to help bring Sawyer back, and his heartfelt admissions are key in saving both of their lives. Of course, with so much character development, fans couldn't get enough of these two, and they took to social media with their thoughts.

On Reddit, user u/TakenAccountName37 wrote, "I'm happy that Sawyer is back. I loved that they brought him back last year for the boxing episode. Love how he and Torres got closer!" Fellow Redditor u/ed8907 felt the same way, replying, "I like Sawyer, he has his own style. It was good to see him back and to know a little bit more about him." User u/Lily_Of_The_Valley10 added, "I really enjoyed this episode! Glad to see Sawyer!"

NCIS viewers love the growing friendship between Torres and Sawyer

Much like the commenters on Reddit, users on Twitter were also excited to see the friendship between Nick Torres and Dale Sawyer continue to grow. User @starbrat97 said that they loved the team-up between Torres and Sawyer, and that they hope to see much more of them in the future. Similarly, @JBraxt29 wrote, "This Torres-Sawyer bromance? I approve!" User @elongatedbean was also a big fan of this episode, writing, "That was a really great episode. It was nice seeing Sawyer's character evolve."

Others were also enthusiastic about the episode, with @Dueler312 saying that they liked Torres and Sawyer's takedowns, and @MsLindsieStarr expressing excitement about Sawyer fitting in with the rest of the "NCIS" characters. Overall, it seems that fans are quite happy with the direction in which this relationship is headed. Viewers seem glad that Sawyer is back in the picture, and that both he and Torres are getting more development and backstory. This could mean that we'll be getting a lot more Torres and Sawyer in the future — something it sounds like plenty of people would love to see.