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The NCIS Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Like any good crime procedural, "NCIS" contains a diverse cast of characters who, despite their differences, come together to solve the most difficult and dangerous cases. The spectacularly long-running series follows former Marine Corps sniper Leroy Jethro Gibbs and his team of Naval Criminal Investigative Service agents as they face crime, mayhem, and corruption. Said team includes a long-winded medical examiner, an eccentric goth scientist, a boyish flirt, and a multilingual Mossad agent with impressive knife skills. The make-up of this superior squad changes over time, but Gibbs and his boat-filled basement remain (until Season 19, that is). 

Indeed, the characters are what make "NCIS" truly great. You know what's also great? Examining interesting characters through the lens of the zodiac. Astrology offers insights into people's flaws, strengths, and everything in between — even fictional people. Who on the "NCIS" team aligns with your zodiac sign? From Aries to Pisces, we're about to find out.

Aries: Ziva David

Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) is one of the most skilled and dangerous members of the NCIS team. A former Mossad agent, Ziva speaks several different languages and can handle any weapon that comes into her possession. She often comes off as serious, but is unintentionally one of the funniest members of the team — especially when she misremembers various American idioms. She's also not one to hang around and wait for things to happen, which is why she's an Ares. 

Aries folks fall under the first sign in the zodiac, and are known for being quick and action-oriented. They tend to have a surplus of courage, and rarely back down from a dare or an outright fight. Though they sometimes act without thinking, they're honest, passionate, and generous friends. Ziva is all of these things. As evidenced by her extremely fast driving style (which she supposedly learned from her mother), she likes to get things done quickly, and her skill in combat aligns with Aries' warrior spirit. She's rarely afraid, and when she is, she acts bravely anyway — an Aries trait if ever there was one. As long as you're not on the wrong end of one of Ziva's knives, she's a good person to have on your team.

Taurus: Leroy Jethro Gibbs

Gibbs (Mark Harmon) is the leader of the "NCIS" team, and can be a hard nut to crack. An exceedingly stoic and private person, he's also a man of few words. His favorite things to do are build boats in his basement and drink scotch in his stately home office. Despite this gruff exterior, however, Gibbs is something of a father to many members of the team, especially Abby. Though he has his own skeletons in the closet, he's always there for those who matter most to him.

All of this makes Gibbs a classic Taurus. Taureans are fixed earth signs, symbolized by the indomitable bull. They're reliable, patient, devoted individuals who have a reputation for being stubborn. Though this latter trait may be annoying, it also means they're people you can count on to never give up. Such stability is a great quality to find in a friend — or, when it comes to Gibbs, a leader. Taureans also tend to be very invested in aesthetic and sensual pleasures, and care a great deal about being surrounded by the things that give them joy. For Gibbs, this manifests in his love of boats, which he painstakingly carves. He may not be the most forthcoming person, but you can always count on Gibbs, and most Taureans, to lend an ear or be there in a crisis.

Gemini: Nick Torres

Geminis are often derided as two-faced, but really, their dual nature is all about adaptability and communication. Symbolized by the astral twins, those born under this sign are associated with versatile curiosity. Their intelligence is matched by their wit, which helps them do something they love: exchange new ideas. Because they are so mutable, though, they can sometimes be inconsistent. Luckily, their killer communication skills help them avoid seeming too flaky.

The most Gemini-esque character on "NCIS" is Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama), a former undercover agent. Because of his unique experiences, Torres is incredibly quick on his feet — but his years of being undercover have also made him somewhat unpredictable. This can occasionally rattle his colleagues, though they can't help but admire his survival instincts. All in all, these Gemini qualities must have served Torres well: He's extremely adaptable, keenly intelligent, and good in social situations, which makes him great at getting close to potential suspects or witnesses. A charming, charismatic guy, he has many of Gemini's most positive qualities, without too many of the drawbacks.

Cancer: Kate Todd

Kate (Sasha Alexander) remains a beloved "NCIS" character, even though she gets killed off at the end of Season 2. As opposed to DiNozzo's snark or McGee's oblivious nerdiness, Kate is a kind and good-hearted agent who gets along well with everyone. Originally with the Secret Service, Kate proves herself to be a very competent agent with great skill in criminal profiling. She has something of a brotherly relationship with Tony, and even confesses that she has a soft spot for him, despite the fact that he constantly bothers her and invades her space.

Cancer, an intuitive water sign known as the nurturer of the zodiac, fits Kate perfectly. Cancers have a strong sense of family and home, and are principally driven by a desire to care for their loved ones. But their emotional intelligence doesn't stop there — Cancers have unique insight into people in general. We see Kate's Cancerian nature at work in her profiling skills, which stem from her keen sense of intuition and her desire to understand people.  Moreover, though she often seems annoyed at Tony's childish antics, it's clear she cares a lot about him and the rest of her team. These relationships certainly would have developed further, were it not for her untimely death, but she makes her Cancer bona fides known before she departs.

Leo: Tony DiNozzo

Whether you like him or not, Tony (Michael Weatherly) is one of the most entertaining characters on "NCIS." Tony is constantly making movie references, playing pranks on his colleagues, and generally causing shenanigans around the office. He's definitely a lot smarter than he looks, but he's also okay with acting as the "class clown" of the "NCIS" gang, as well as a major flirt.

In so many ways, Tony is a classic Leo, a sign ruled by a love of drama and luxury. Leos tend to think of themselves as the kings and queens of their domain: They live to entertain and receive attention. They also have a lot of passion and a good sense of humor, and, despite being rather self-centered at times, can also be quite generous.

Tony exemplifies these qualities. He loves to entertain — whether his colleagues want to be entertained or not — and always works to bring humor into every situation possible. Though this can be irritating, he does actually care about his colleagues. In time, he even comes to love Ziva, who is in many ways his opposite. He might make you roll your eyes sometimes (or all of the time), but like so many Leos, there's more to Tony than the bravado that meets the eye.

Virgo: Ellie Bishop

A former NSA analyst, Ellie Bishop (Emily Wickersham) is all about data. She's proud of her prodigious memory, though her former NSA boss describes her in less complimentary terms as a "reclusive data freak." Ellie is indeed slightly odd, and is often seen sitting cross-legged on the floor or snacking at her desk. Unsurprisingly, many of her memories are associated with food, which is why her colleagues refer to her as a "foodie." Above all, Ellie is a perfectionist, and always wants a chance to do things better than she did the last time.

These traits make Ellie a dyed-in-the-wool Virgo. Virgos are analysts who are constantly processing information and coming up with fresh solutions. Practical, hard-working, and detail-oriented, this sign gets things done. Their main downfall is the fact that they can be too uptight, and overly critical of themselves. Such Virgo-ish characteristics certainly lend themselves well to Ellie's job, but like so many people born under this sign, she could stand to relax every now and again. Being a perfectionist isn't a crime, but it does need to be counterbalanced with some plain old relaxation.

Libra: Leon Vance

Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) becomes the director of NCIS following Jenny Shepard's death at the end of Season 5. A former boxer, Leon has a murky past, and initially clashes with Gibbs and the rest of the team after he is appointed to his new position. But eventually, they come to see him as a reasonable and fair-minded boss who cares about the team in his own way. He isn't as impenetrable as he seems, either — as viewers go on to learn, he cares deeply for his wife and daughter.

This makes Leon Vance a Libra. Libras, who are symbolized by the scales, are classic diplomats known for their cooperative natures. Above all, they're interested in securing justice and keeping the peace. They don't like mess or conflict, and love being able to help others. Though Leon initially comes off as a rather harsh person, he has a very steady hand when dealing with problems. Moreover, though he may not always be the most warm and cuddly guy, he is undoubtedly fair, and succeeds in ratting out a mole within the department. Compared to his chaotic predecessor, Leon's firm, Libran presence is a welcome change.

Scorpio: Jenny Shepard

Jenny Shepard (Lauren Holly) is the director of NCIS from Season 3 until her death in Season 5. A military brat, she also happens to be Gibbs' former partner and lover — their past relationship is a frequent point of interest in the series. Unfortunately, Jenny also uses her position to hunt down René Benoit, an arms dealer she blames for her father's death. Her obsession with Benoit eventually takes over her life, eclipsing all of her other duties as NCIS director.

This strategic and fixated nature makes Jenny a Scorpio. Scorpios are very intense individuals who tend to have magnetic personalities and strong intuition. They can be quite mysterious, calculating, and cunning, and often have a desire for control. This typically manifests as the sort of obsessive nature that becomes Jenny's downfall. What's more, the many mysteries of Jenny's life are eventually revealed as tragic: We learn she's hiding a potentially fatal illness from her colleagues, in true Scorpio fashion. However, what winds up killing her is not her illness, but a figure from her past. In Jennys' case, secrets can be deadly — but a Scorpio rarely stops operating from the shadows.

Sagittarius: Abby Sciuto

Forensic scientist Abby Sciuto (Pauley Perrette) is one of the longest-running characters on "NCIS." An extremely unique person, Abby is eccentric, funny, and very smart. She's also alarmingly energetic, in part due to her addiction to a caffeinated drink called "Caf-Pow." Her brain is always moving a mile a minute, though not always in the right direction — Abby is quite easily distracted.

Abby is a Sagittarius, known as the traveler of the zodiac. Sagittarians are spontaneous, adventurous individuals who love to explore. They tend to buck rules and regulations, and seek to march to the beat of their own drum. Above all, Sagittarians are on a quest for knowledge and truth. Though their restlessness means they don't always follow through, you can always count on them to be moving towards something bigger and better.

These qualities make Abby an excellent scientist and a joy to be around. She loves people and loves life, and is probably the most openly affectionate member of the team. But she can also be very serious when the situation calls for it — a Sagittarius might be a hoot, but their interest in knowledge comes before all else. Indeed, only someone as curious, hard-working and full of energy as Abby could last so long in such a harsh workplace.

Capricorn: Timothy McGee

Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) is, to put it simply, a nerd. A field computer analyst who is focused on facts and getting the job done the right way, he immediately clashes with Tony, who has a much more free-wheeling sense of professional ethics. Though other team members don't always understand Tim's very technical methods, his skills are integral to the team.

Capricorns are responsible, disciplined individuals, motivated by duty and getting the job done. Tim embodies these traits in full. This sign takes a while to warm up to new friends and colleagues, a la Tim and Tony, but once you're in their good books, you're in. Persistent, hard-working, and self-reliant, Capricorns don't let anything get in the way of their success. This is certainly true for Tim, who takes the demands of his job very seriously. Although Capricorns are often said to be a little too serious, they do know how to have a life outside of work — Tim writes mystery novels in his spare time, and is known to love computer games. Every team needs a Capricorn, really, and every Capricorn needs a fun after-hours hobby.

Aquarius: Ducky Mallard

Dr. Mallard (David McCallum), affectionately known as "Ducky," is the chief medical examiner at NCIS and an old friend of Gibbs. Ducky is a fairly eccentric person, and often indulges in rambling stories about history when speaking to his colleagues. He also talks to the bodies that come across his table as if they could respond. He's not a crackpot, though — Ducky is extremely smart and, in addition to his skill in medicine, also has a background in psychology.

All of this makes him an Aquarius. Aquarians are known as the humanitarians of the zodiac, and also one of the quirkiest signs. They love thinking about the world at large, and have big ideas about how to make things better, but they aren't always as skilled when it comes to maintaining interpersonal relationships. They tend to be esoteric, and value their freedom and independence — oftentimes, over their loved ones.

Ducky is certainly an original. Like most Aquarians, he doesn't mind being considered weird: As long as he has his science and his history, he's content. Indeed, though his trade is medicine, his true love is history, which is why fans are glad he finally gets to live out his passion and become a historian in Season 16. For an Aquarius like Ducky, changing the world means teaching people about the past.

Pisces: Jack Sloane

Pisces is the most intuitive sign in the entire zodiac. These folks tend to lack boundaries, and often find themselves torn between fantasy and reality. They are also very compassionate and gentle, and tend towards selflessness. Wise and friendly, this sign often appears to be both very old and very young.

Dr. Jacqueline "Jack" Sloane (Maria Bello) is the consummate Pisces. A former lieutenant in the U.S. Army, Jack works as a forensic psychologist with a specialty in profiling. Her own experiences — she was a prisoner of war in Afghanistan — make her a very empathetic person with keen insight into others' minds. However, this experience also deeply affected her in many less-than-helpful ways. This predicament is par for the course for Pisceans, who tend to absorb everything around them. Jack's traumatic past helps her connect with others, but she also must take stock of how it affects her. Eventually, Jack decides to live in Afghanistan to help rescue kidnapped girls, indicating just how selfless, empathetic, and Piscean she really is.