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Whatever Happened To Wayne Unser From Sons Of Anarchy?

As the longtime chief of police in Charming, Wayne Unser is one of SAMCRO's biggest allies on FX's "Sons of Anarchy." A corrupt cop, Unser looks the other way on the motorcycle club's activities despite his misgivings. The veteran chief believes the club helps keep Charming safe from drugs or gentrification, though he also knows the police department isn't respected as a result.

Already suffering from cancer, Unser finds himself out of a job when the town's police are absorbed into San Joaquin County's department. As the series continues, he's drawn increasingly into SAMCRO's criminal activities. This includes helping Clay (RonĀ Perlman) kill GoGo (Chris Browning) and Greg (Kurt Yaeger).

Finally, when Jax (Charlie Hunnam) vows to avenge Tara's death, Unser insists on protecting Gemma (Katey Sagal). Despite Jax's visible regrets, the SAMCRO head murders his longtime ally with a single shot to the chest.

Here is what actor Dayton Callie has been doing since "Sons of Anarchy" wrapped.

He was Jeremiah on Fear The Walking Dead

According to IMDb, Dayton Callie has been acting on the big and small screen since 1984. Even when he was appearing on "Sons of Anarchy," the actor was also filming roles in movies like "Halloween II" and on shows such as "In Plain Sight."

After "Sons of Anarchy" ended in 2014, Callie continued to work as a valued character actor. He signed on as separate characters in two 2016 horror films from Darren Lynn Bousman, "Abattoir" and "Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival." The same year, Callie also began a recurring role as Jeremiah Otto on "Fear The Walking Dead." The actor played the violent rancher with a dark side in 9 episodes of the series.

Most recently, Callie was featured in "Deadwood: The Movie," where he reprised his previous HBO television role as Charlie Utter, and the 2020 film "Table 13." Ironically, the entertainer had only started acting for some quick cash while trying to make it as a musician, but as he told Gruesome Magazine, "that was thirty ******* years ago!"