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Danielle Deadwyler's Oscar Snub Has Fans Completely Outraged

The Oscar nominations for 2023 have been released, with fans making it known how displeased they are that the Academy did not recognize Danielle Deadwyler's performance in "Till."

Movies such as "Everything Everywhere All at Once" and "Top Gun: Maverick" proved to outdo expectations regarding the number of nominations received (via Variety). Even the MCU earned its first acting nomination thanks to the talented efforts of Angela Bassett in "Black Panther: Wakanda Forever." While there are always things to be celebrated after the Oscars reveals its list of nominees, there is a slew of snubs that can't be ignored. One performance resonated very well with fans, to the point that when it was revealed it didn't make the cut to compete for Oscar glory, they were not happy.

The film "Till," directed by Chinoye Chukwu, follows Mamie Till, a woman who tragically lost her son Emmett Till and the fight for justice she embarked upon after his murder. There is no denying there are many great things about the critically acclaimed motion picture (via Rotten Tomatoes), but arguably one of the biggest highlights of the well-crafted feature is the performance of Danielle Deadwyler, who brilliantly portrayed Mamie Till. And when it came out that her superb turn as the educator, mother, and activist wasn't a contender for cinema's biggest award show, many people didn't hesitate to showcase how unhappy they were about it.

Fans strongly feel Danielle Deadwyler deserved better

Not long after the announcement was made regarding who was in the running for an Oscar, fans on Twitter started to express their frustration at the lack of love being shown toward Danielle Deadwyler's performance in the movie "Till." User @sarahdistortion wrote in a post, "The Danielle Deadwyler erasure is ridiculous and embarrassing," and @JarohnJ posted, "That Danielle Deadwyler snub was so damn FOUL."

User @willmovies didn't mince words: "Danielle Deadwyler missing Best Actress nod has to already be one of the most criminal Oscar snubs in recent memory." Another user, @MrErnestOwens, continued that sentiment by focusing on the Academy, posting, "The Academy always takes 3 steps forward, only to end up 5 steps behind." User @sedwardskc took things further and pointed out a potentially bigger issue, stating, "If Danielle Deadwyler couldn't get nominated for her performance in 'Till' portraying such a monumental figure in American history with poise and heart, then a black woman will NEVER win Best Actress again! That was the perfect role and performance."

Fans are not thrilled that the prestigious event ignored such an important movie and the star's impactful performance. The reaction isn't all that puzzling, especially since it's no secret that Deadwyler put a lot into bringing Mamie Till to life on screen. When Chinonye Chukwu spoke to Deadline about the film, the director praised the actress, saying, "Danielle knocked it out of the park. She had such an inherent emotional and psychological understanding of who Mamie Till was."

While she may not be in the running for an Academy Award, fans will always remember that Deadwyler's performance in "Till" was Oscar-worthy in their hearts.