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The Piano Frog Was The Real Star Of The Last Of Us Episode 2, According To Fans

The second episode of HBO's adaptation of "The Last of Us" was an eventful one, starting with an entirely original story about where the cordyceps fungus started infecting humans in Jakarta, Indonesia. The episode then resumes the journey of Joel (Pedro Pascal), Ellie (Bella Ramsey), and Tess (Anna Torv) as they make their way through the bombed and broken down part of Boston outside of the quarantine zone, meeting their first clickers along the way.

Clickers weren't the only creatures the three came upon, however, and one non-threatening one in particular captured the hearts of audiences. That's right, we're talking about the one and only piano frog.

Near the beginning of the episode, we see a flooded hotel that nature has partially reclaimed. Not only is there grass and plant life, but also animal life, as we see a lone frog resting on top of a piano. The frog hops across the keyboard, causing the keys to be pressed, playing a few notes of a haunting tune before it hops off, into the water.

It's a short scene that aims to show how much disrepair most of the civilized world has fallen into over the past 20 years, but audiences at home fell in love with this little frog.

Fans online are in love with the piano frog

Perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that in a show with as much grimness and violence as "The Last of Us," audiences would gravitate toward anything cute and wholesome. But gravitate they did, as plenty of fans took to the Internet to profess their love for the piano frog.

On Reddit, user u/beep-bloop-beep wrote, "piano frog is my favorite character, no question," with u/fukitol- adding, "I hope he survives he's just trying to bring a little joy to a hopeless world through his music." Endure and survive, little froggy. Endure and survive.

People on Twitter are equally as enamored by the little frog and its little tunes, with Twitter user @kelly_knox writing, "just thinking of piano frog and nothing else in this episode nope nope nope." It's good to focus on the positive things in life, even in a dystopia as dire as the world of "The Last of Us."

Despite Anna Torv's emotional portrayal of Tess in this episode, it's no equal to piano frog to @colin9769 on Twitter, who wrote, "Frog on Piano is my MVP for tonight's episode. Tess can take the backseat."

Finally, Twitter user @redsox1804 expressed just how far they'd be willing to go for piano frog, writing, "I would die for Piano Frog."

Hop on, piano frog. Hop on.