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Skinamarink's Reviews Are Not All Positive

"Skinamarink" is yet another in the latest batch of low-budget horror films that are setting the box office on fire. Like last year's "Terrifier 2," the Shudder original has made significant bank off of its minor investment and will no doubt have producers and investors re-thinking what will or will not have the potential to be a major money maker in the future.

Hauntingly dreamlike and deliberately askew in its storytelling approach, "Skinamarink" follows two children who awaken in their home only to find that they're completely alone and there's no longer any way out of their house. As strange, seemingly paranormal events begin to occur around the frightened children, the film gets increasingly dark and moody while maintaining a foreboding sense of mystery.

Unfortunately, it would seem that this approach doesn't work for all viewers, as many hardcore horror fans have taken to social media to criticize the abstract style, languid pacing, and lack of good scares in "Skinamarink."

Some viewers find the film far too slow and abstract for their tastes

"Skinamarink" is currently sitting at a fine 72% on Rotten Tomatoes as far as critics are concerned (via Rotten Tomatoes). However, there seems to be quite a divide when it comes to the opinions of viewers who have watched the new horror film, as the audience score is sitting at a less impressive 43% review aggregate as of press time.

This disparity can be explained somewhat by having a look at what horror fans are saying on social media. On the r/horror subreddit, for instance, many genre enthusiasts derided "Skinamarink" as a major disappointment. "Honestly. I was bored. I wanted more 'Look under the bed' and instead got more lingering shots of hallways," wrote u/Hebride57 in the top comment. "I get what the film was going for, but it completely missed the mark and was way too long and uneven."

This reading of "Skinamarink" seemed to be backed up by several other replies as well. "It had a couple of good moments," wrote u/Apprehensive_AD_5400 in another popular comment. "But then they'd give you 5 straight minutes of ceilings and walls to ruin the momentum."

Going off of takes like these, it would seem that, while many appreciate the off-kilter, experimental style of "Skinamarink," the film is definitely not for everyone. With that in mind, horror lovers looking for their next round of thrills and chills might think it best to wait and watch this one at home when it premieres on Shudder in February.