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Cobra Kai To Land Its Final Crane Kick With Season 6 (& Why It's The Right Time)

Back in the spring of 2018, a little-known "Originals" section of YouTube gained attention thanks to "Cobra Kai," a show which continued "The Karate Kid" saga over three decades later. As influential as the first three movies in the franchise had become, the first season of "Cobra Kai" brought new attention because it focused heavily on Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) — a former villain who mellowed with the passage of time. The back and forth between Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) defined the appeal of the early seasons, with characters both old and new making the show gripping and exciting as it unfolded. Each new character unique to the program has even inspired polls to determine which player deserves their own spin-off.

"Cobra Kai"'s move to Netflix in 2020 introduced it to a wider audience thanks to the streaming giant's reach across the globe. But after three seasons that each expanded on the addictive drama of the installment before it, the final crane kick is about to land with a sixth and final season as announced on Twitter by showrunner Hayden Schlossberg. The co-creator thanked the fans for "getting us to the finish line," and also promised lots of "big surprises" in the final round. He also shared why it is the right time to say goodbye.

Schlossberg says that ending Cobra Kai on the creative team's own terms was always important

The news was shared via Tudum as well. On Hayden Schlossberg's official Twitter account, he shared a statement in the tweet written by himself and his "Cobra Kai" co-creators Josh Heald and Jon Hurwitz. The creators stated "Our day one goal with 'Cobra Kai' has always been to end it on our terms, leaving the Valley in the time and place we've always imagined. So it is with immense pride and thankfulness that we are able to announce that achievement." The showrunners then added "The upcoming Season Six will mark the conclusion of Cobra Kai. While this may be a bittersweet day for the fandom, the Miyagiverse has never been stronger."

Although this is bittersweet news for fans, the need to end the program while the quality is still strong ensures maximum watchability. But the team also provided hints at what is to come for the future of the "Karate Kid" universe. After calling the show's fandom the "BEST on the planet," the writers then promised how they hoped to continue telling stories within the saga in the future. They concluded by reaffirming, "Because as we all know, Cobra Kai Never Dies."

The creative team already knows how the series will end, which they revealed before Season 5 premiered in the late summer of 2022. Schlossberg also shared how he and the other showrunners would call it quits before they ever stopped enjoying it.