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Kirby's Return In The Trailer For Scream 6 Has Fans Talking

The first trailer for "Scream 6" features the return of a familiar fan-favorite character... and we're not talking about Ghostface.

After 2022's "Scream" made a splash at the box office, Paramount Pictures quickly cobbled together a deal to see directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett return for a sequel. With just a year of turnaround time, the duo, who brought "Ready or Not" to the big screen, has delivered with "Scream 6," which sees the story shift from sunny Woodsboro, California to the gritty streets of New York. Returning for the sixth entry in the nearly three-decade long franchise is Jenna Ortega, Melissa Barrera, Mason Gooding, and Jasmin Brown. New stars include Samara Weaving and Tony Revolori. All eyes are, however, on legacy cast members, which include Courtney Cox and... Hayden Panettiere, who first made an appearance in "Scream 4" as the super fan-fave Kirby Reed.

Months of anticipation and teasing have finally culminated in the release of a full-length trailer, which sees the core roster of characters bracing a far more sinister, gun-toting Ghostface who claims that they're "different." While fans are certainly delighted to witness a nefarious Ghostface parade around the Big Apple, fans can't help but express their thoughts on seeing Kirby after over a decade.

Fans are happy (and also nervous) to see Hayden Panettiere back

While Hayden Panettiere's Kirby isn't prominently featured in the trailer, the first major look at "Scream 6" makes it abundantly clear that she's a main part of the core group, or at least that's what fans hope for her to be. After seeing Panettiere return as Kirby after over a decade, "Scream" fans couldn't help but contain their excitement, questions, and worries. "[S]till cant believe we're getting [K]irby back," wrote Twitter user @noelle2k10. Other fans, like on the r/Scream subreddit, are far more concerned about Kirby's fate and if she'll make it to the end of the flick. "This trailer was so intense I actually think they might have the balls to kill Gale.. Now I'm REALLY worried about my Kirby!!" wrote u/kriscoo44.

While fans are valid for expressing their concern over Kirby, precedent suggests she'll make it out of any scenario. "Scream 4" saw her survive a rather bloody encounter with Ghostface, proving she's one of the toughest fighters Woodsboro has ever produced. Some fans, however, aren't so sure that Kirby is innocent. A lot has happened since "Scream 4" and the latest entry, at least in Kirby's professional life. Fans have noticed that Panettiere's character is sporting a badge and a duty belt, implying that she's a police officer or agent of sorts (via Twitter). While nothing is confirmed, could Kirby's authoritative position put her in the position of being the "Scream 6" killer? "I think the killer is either Kirby or Dermot Mulroney's character," wrote user u/Spinkicker86. "Who else would be able to build a shrine with all of that evidence from former murders?"

Only time will tell what "Scream 6" has in store for Kirby when it debuts on March 10, 2023.