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Your Headphones Are Fine, It's Scream 6's Trailer That Is Off

After much build-up and anticipation, the first full-length trailer for "Scream 6" is finally here to spook and excite general audiences. This new trailer offers a sufficiently meaty look into the upcoming entry in the slasher series too, showcasing the return of many of the survivors from previous movies fighting against a deadly new iteration of Ghostface in the heart of New York City. Fittingly for the franchise, the trailer is a fright-fest in itself, riddled with jump scares and creepy one-liners from the mysterious new villain.

Unfortunately, for as solid of a trailer as this new look at "Scream 6" is, some viewers who watched it after it debuted on YouTube may have felt that it strangely sounded a bit off in the audio department. For those worried that their headphones are somehow malfunctioning, rest assured — the true problem lies with an audio error that is embedded within the trailer itself.

Scream 6's YouTube trailer has botched audio

The version of the first full-length "Scream 6" trailer that was released on YouTube on January 19 actually has an incorrect audio format. More specifically, all of the sounds in the trailer are locked to the left channel of the playback device's speakers. This can make for an extremely disorienting audio experience, especially for users listening to the trailer with headphones.

It's not uncommon for glitches and errors of this sort to occasionally take place when uploading a video to the internet. Hopefully, Paramount Pictures can get the issue ironed out quickly and have a properly-formatted version of the trailer available on YouTube, as it's already amassed over 325,000 views within its first three hours.

For those that would like to experience the trailer in its intended audio format, the properly-rendered version is available on the official "Scream" Twitter account. In any case, it's still far from one of the most disappointing movie trailers out there.