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Naruto Fans Debate Who Won Killer Bee And Sasuke's Fight

"Naruto" and "Naruto Shippuden" have more than enough fights across their over-700-episode run to satiate the needs of even the most action-seeking fan. Most of the series' battles have a definitive end, whether it's Naruto putting an end to Pain, or Obito and Kakashi reconciling their friendship. However, there's one fight that doesn't have as clear of a victor, Sasuke vs. Killer Bee.

The two shinobi face off during "Shippuden," following Sasuke's legendary battle against Itachi. Sasuke and the rest of his Taka group travel to Kumogakure and find one of the strongest shinobi alive, resulting in Killer Bee and Sasuke having one of the best fights in all of "Naruto." After Killer Bee makes quick work of Suigetsu and Jugo, Sasuke steps up to the plate, and the two engage in an all-out sword fight. Killer Bee wields seven blades while Sasuke fully utilizes his Sharingan to keep up. Sasuke and Taka eventually push Killer Bee to his limits, forcing the jinchuriki to use his Eight-Tails chakra and even fully manifest the Tailed Beast. With Taka's defeat imminent, Sasuke uses his Amaterasu, covering the Eight-Tails with never-ending black flame.

While Sasuke and Taka succeed in securing an unconscious Killer Bee, the fight's victor isn't so clear. The episode has been a hot topic amongst the "Naruto" fandom for a long time, with some saying Sasuke won while others claim that Killer Bee was clearly the stronger shinobi.

Fans can't agree on who won between Sasuke and Killer Bee

It wouldn't be a normal day without someone stirring up trouble on Reddit, and that's precisely what u/BarlasLewis did, posting a video of Sasuke vs. Killer Bee and saying, "Remember the time Killer Bee single-handedly smoked Sasuke's Taka?" The controversial fight never left most "Naruto" fans' minds, but the wording sent the community into a frenzy of debates trying to figure out who the victor was once and for all.

U/BarlasLewis followed up their own post, claiming that had it not been for Karin, Jugo, and Suigetsu, Sasuke would have died numerous times. U/sigmastorm77 agreed, pointing out that, during the fight, Killer Bee commented that the members of Taka were weak but persistent. U/ygo-riv, a self-proclaimed Sasuke fan, even had to admit defeat, saying, "Love Sasuke such a great character, but holy cow is it so satisfying to see him get the snot beat out of him. Especially at this point [in the story], so much humbling handed by Bee."

Other Sasuke fans weren't so quick to give the other side their flowers, with many rising to defend the rogue shinobi. U/Apprehensive-Tip6432 said Killer Bee had a chance only because "Sasuke was weakened in this fight. He wasn't fully recovered from his fight with Itachi, and he just lost his curse mark."Another user, u/redthe_elemental, doesn't understand the hate Sasuke gets, believing he could have killed Bee with Amaterasu if he wanted. U/Rambro332 tried to put things into perspective, saying Killer Bee was one of the strongest shinobi alive at this point, so Sasuke's ability to go toe-to-toe with him was a "testament to how fast Sasuke was improving."

Judging by the comments on the post, "Naruto" fans will never agree on who won between Sasuke and Killer Bee.