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This Live-Action Family Guy Fan-Casting Is Nearly Picture-Perfect

Fans still can't get enough of the irreverent, dark comedy "Family Guy," one of television's longest-running animated series. The brainchild of actor and creator Seth MacFarlane celebrated its 400th episode on November 20, 2022, during Season 21 and MacFarlane has since created other series like spinoff "The Cleveland Show," as well as "American Dad," and live-action "Star Trek" homage, "The Orville." Even cancellation — twice — couldn't keep "Family Guy" down. Poor ratings led to a brief two-month cancellation in 2000, per CBR, and a terrible Thursday timeslot, competing against juggernauts like "Friends" and "Survivor" caused its second termination in 2002. Amazingly, in these pre-social media days, syndication reruns on Adult Swim combined with impressive DVD sales convinced Fox to bring the show back again on Sunday nights following "The Simpsons," where it has thrived ever since.

"Family Guy" follows the antics of the Griffin family in fictional Quahog, Rhode Island, and MacFarlane voices many of the show's characters, including dimwitted father Peter, baby Stewie, and the family dog, Brian — both of whom talk in full, adult sentences (Stewie even has a British accent). The rest of the family includes wife Lois (Alex Borstein), naïve oldest son Chris (Seth Green), and much-abused daughter Meg (Mila Kunis). A variety of other characters populate the show, including Peter's buddies Cleveland (Mike Henry), Quagmire (MacFarlane), and Joe (Patrick Warburton).

Now, a fan has created the ultimate fan-casting for a potential live-action version of "Family Guy," and other fans are raving.

Redditers love this new take on the animated classic Family Guy

Redditer u/mindtraveIIer shared a fun gift to fans: a poster for their vision of a live-action "Family Guy" movie. Commenters loved the actors for each character: Kevin James as Peter, Laura Linney as Lois, "Stranger Things" star Gaten Matarazzo and "Modern Family" actress Ariel Winter as Chris and Meg respectively, a wide-faced baby for Stewie — who u/Bailer86 said "looks like the disturbing sentient baby from "Twilight" – and "just a regular a** dog" as Brian. Peter's friends include Craig Robinson as Cleveland and Bill Hader as Quagmire, and keeps Patrick Warburton as Joe, with an elongated chin. It even includes one of the show's many running gags, the giant chicken, and a score by John Williams, a story by Quentin Tarantino, and direction by Michael Bay. As u/Y33ZY_L3JND420 said, "If it doesn't have explosions then I'm out."

Generally, the responses were positive, with fans like u/TheComebackPidgeon saying "Crap, now I want to see this." u/TheCitizen616 said, "This is perfect/terrible/perfectly terrible," though there were a few complaints and suggestions for other players, specifically Pete Davidson or Charlie Sheen for Quagmire, and "the real-life Peter Griffin" as Peter. "I think the most hilarious and under-appreciated part of this poster is the idea that Warner Bros would be making a family guy movie," u/thanous-m added.