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Are Quinta Brunson And Tyler James Williams From Abbott Elementary Friends In Real Life?

ABC's "Abbott Elementary" is a comedy series from creator-writer-star Quinta Brunson, who fosters a community of togetherness among her characters. Set at a public elementary school in Philadelphia, the series reinvigorated the network television sitcom for this modern era in which cable and streaming comedies dominate conversations. Now in its second season, Brunson's hilarious and charming half-hour mockumentary explores the pitfalls that befall the education system by focusing on a band of teachers who deal with these struggles in their own unique ways. Whether it's the trend-obsessed exploits of Abbott's zany principal Ava Colman (Janelle James) or the wise tutelage of Barbara Howard (Sheryl Lee Ralph), the cast helps make the show the acclaimed hit it has become.

Taking heartfelt inspiration from her mother, Brunson imbues each episode of the program with insightful writing for all of her characters -– be it their embarrassing moments or their heroic ones. As Janine Teagues, she also writes her own role authentically with just the right dose of charm and self-reflection. This can be seen to great effect in Janine's relationship with the smitten Gregory Eddie (Tyler James Williams). The chemistry between the two co-stars is so convincing, new fans have to wonder if the actors are friends in real life.

Brunson and Williams were friends before Abbott Elementary started

In "Abbott Elementary," Tyler James Williams plays Gregory Eddie, a first-grade instructor who keeps his crush on Quinta Brunson's Janine Teagues a secret. Williams plays his crush on Teagues so well that it's not hard to believe that he and Brunson had known each other for quite some time before the series started shooting. In a 2021 interview with The Gate, the actor was asked what it was like working with the creator/lead actor of the program. He replied, "I've known Quinta for a few years. We did 'A Black Lady Sketch Show' together, and you know, most times people would say never work with your friends because it shifts the relationship."

He then added that the experience of working with Brunson only made their friendship stronger, which was a testament to his co-star and showrunner's commitment. The actor praised her ability to "run a set with a bunch of people that you know and respect," while still being able to separate the artistic and professional choices from their personal friendships. Williams concluded by saying that the world is only beginning to see Brunson's full potential. The series has already been renewed for a third season only halfway through its sophomore outing.