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The Unexpected Way The Cast Of CSI: Vegas Keeps Things Light On Set, According To Jay Lee - Exclusive

As a sequel to the long-running hit series "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation," "CSI: Vegas" picks up where the original left off, with a highly sophisticated team of investigators solving grim crimes. This time around, though, there's a new bunch of characters, including Paula Newsome as Las Vegas Crime Lab head Maxine Roby, Matt Lauria as lead investigator Josh Folsom, and Mandeep Dhillon as investigator Allie Rajan. Also in the mix is rising star Jay Lee, who plays Level I CSI Chris Park.

Each week on "CSI: Vegas" — which airs Thursday nights on CBS — the characters are tasked with digging deeper into a morbid crime scene using the latest technology in order to uncover a killer. For the actors, there's a lot of technical lingo to learn and gruesome scenes to deal with.

"Even though I know that what I'm looking at is completely artificial and crafted, sometimes ... seeing that stuff in person, I [have] to check my gag reflex," admitted Lee during an exclusive interview with Looper. "I happen to find prosthetics really fascinating, and the technology and what it takes to craft that is an art in itself. But even with that appreciation, it can make my stomach turn."

Still, the "CSI: Vegas" cast is able to counter all that on-screen darkness in a very unexpected way behind the scenes, according to Lee.

Singing on set helps the CSI: Vegas cast get through the day

Jay Lee admits he's close to co-stars Matt Lauria and Mandeep Dhillon in real life, often cracking jokes with them when the cameras stop rolling, and the overall vibe on the set stays fairly buoyant.

"The general atmosphere on set is pretty light," said Lee. "We all show up and try to make the best version of 'CSI' that we can, especially with its legacy to carry. But I feel like the legacy of the show is the positivity and the graciousness on the set that's carried through from people who have been doing the series for 16 seasons. Also, it's the sense of humor that everyone brings."

That includes Lex Medlin, who plays fellow Level I CSI Beau Finado. Lee says that any day working with him is a fun day. "The man spits out jokes [with] every other word that he says," according to Lee.

But the most unexpected way Lee and his "CSI: Vegas" co-stars bring levity to the set is by singing.

"I also love any time I get to work with Matt and Mandeep," he said. "We've all become close buds. Any time the three of us are on set, it becomes a very musical set because all of us are singing. I'm not a singer, but we'll all sing together anyway. Music and general mirth is what gets us through the days."

"CSI: Vegas" airs Thursdays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.