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The Rookie Fans Are Over The Moon Over Angela's Pregnancy News

In Season 5, Episode 10 ("The List") of "The Rookie," A.D.A. Wesley Evers (Shawn Ashmore) tells his wife, detective Angela Lopez (Alyssa Diaz), that with their son Jack sleeping through the night, he thinks they're ready to talk about having another child. Lopez's first response is to laugh — until she realizes that he's serious. The couple have very different ideas of how many kids they want, with Evers growing up as an only child, and Lopez being raised with four brothers. After sharing their different perspectives, Evers asks that they at least think about it.

While the recent debate over kids is nothing new for the couple, their different views are also one of the biggest reasons fans love them together so much. "We see a lot of opposites attract and we are supposed to root for them to be together but the relationship is pretty toxic," writes u/PaleontologistDull41 on a subreddit for "The Rookie." "I like how they genuinely try to see one another's side and they don't always have to agree and if they don't agree they respect each other's viewpoints."

Fast forward two episodes and viewers' jaws were on the floor when Lopez revealed that she is, in fact, pregnant.

Viewers are excited that the couple are unexpectedly pregnant again

In "The Rookie" Season 5, Episode 12 ("Death Notice"), Angela Lopez complains to Nyla Harper (Mekia Cox) that she hasn't been feeling well the past few days. After taking a pregnancy test she realizes that she's not getting the flu — she's pregnant. Even though Lopez clearly has mixed feelings about the new development, fans were overjoyed. "Angela's pregnant!" exclaimed several fans on Twitter, including @mollyk1996. "Angela is pregnant! Little Jack is getting a sibling!" tweeted @MissWinter29.

Lopez struggles with the information that she's pregnant, especially since she was taking birth control pills. While on a stakeout where she sees drug lord Elijah Stone (Brandon Jay McLaren), she tells Harper that she was taking birth control and starting to finally feel like her life was her own again. More importantly, with Elijah out to get her and Evers, she's scared, and being pregnant makes her feel like she won't be able to protect her family.

Back at home, Evers asks why there's an obstetrician's appointment on their calendar before she tells him she's pregnant. He admits he's happy, but understands that she doesn't feel right. The two embrace, and then she informs him that he has a vasectomy appointment coming up. The timing of Lopez's pregnancy may not be ideal, but fans of the couple are thrilled and confident that together they can get through anything.